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Friday, February 13, 2009

UT Senior Administration Policy Convocation

Thank you Mr Goya for your clear eye on how university policy is set in the era of transformative change. Does anyone know the proper name of the picture?


Yawn said...

I think the notion that the administration are lunatics and the faculty are sane would be a difficult sell to anyone not inside the faculty echo chamber.

Wide Awake said...

Yawn, you are already asleep. The notion that administration is not the biggest echo chamber around here is a dream of yours. We have a president who walks into meetings with an entourage of paid lackies, $300K men and women some of them, 15 or 20 of them. In suits and ties and little shoes picked out by their mummies. Why this extravagent pomp? What a waste of UT resources! Shameful. It's like what Mike Tyson and other boxers used to do at fights. Or third world dictators.

Yawn said...

Wide Awake, I think you're wrong. (For instance, one thing you could attack is that there are only 2 men with 300K salaries or more and that the female provost makes like $250 K less than the other.) And when have you ever seen Jacobs walking around with his cabinet walking behind him?

The reason the administration is so completely and holistically mopping the floor with the faculty and the faculty's opinions all the time is because the administration is capable of forming a plan and executing it, whether on a strategic or a tactical point of view.

I am not in favor of the administration's views, but faculty are so horrifically bad at effecting change at any level that people are going to go with the folks who have a plan - any plan - over the random, incoherent verbal ejaculations of faculty who enjoy mooning and giving the bird to the admin more than they desire actually achieving the changes for which they are advocating.

You people on this blog aren't able to achieve anything and by your language you've also enabled the administration to write off all faculty as having the same uninformed lunatic opinions regularly expressed in this forum.

Twice there has been increased activity on this blog that has reached an angry climax in some racist comment or picture that reflects negatively on all UT faculty. We are entering the beginning of the third cycle of increased activity and I've no doubt Diogenes or Dr. Tinkle or someone will again embarrass the faculty at UT with some offhand racist remark. Which is then followed by a deafening silence from the rest of the posters on this forum. Hell, Diogenes even defends it.

If you think the problem is that the administration wears suits and ties and shoes and follows a - I will grant you, poor - plan, then you and everyone on this blog will never have any say in changing that poor plan for the better. And consciously choosing irrelevancy is, in my opinion, the idea of a lunatic.

Diogenes said...

The Last Professors?

Yawn said...

Ah, you get unhappy when Jacobs doesn't listen to your words and you call that censorship. But when you dislike others' words, you censor those and approve only those who echo your point of view. You guys are just like the people you claim to detest.

Bloggie said...

You haven't seen the Jacobs cabinet in action? Just attend a so called town hall meeting where they are all present, nodding and smiling.

Or back in May I remember an occasion where he brought 20ish of them to a meeting with 5 people.

Of course the faculty had difficulty forming a plan and executing it: they are faculty, which means they teach, they reasearch, they do service, in other words have real jobs that demand their time. The administration on the other hand administrates, which may or not be a real job, but they certainly work at it. I am sure that even being a Jacob's toady requires a great deal of commitment, like the sort that you demonstrate in so closely following what you alledge to be the doings of this blog. You are not providing much illumination.

Censor? We let you vapor on. And while that may demonstrate bad taste on our part, the presence of your argument demonstrates its own weakness.

You appear to be just another virtuous finger-pointer who does so safely from afar. Of which there is no lack around here. Why don't you join an ASC commiteee or take some meaningful part?

And if you have a plan, oh virtuous one, why don't you share it with us mortals?