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Monday, February 2, 2009

Budget Questionnaire

Okay Folks, I'm baaaaack:

Yes sireee I have just returned from a long winter's nap. And just in time I might add. The old budget questionnaire is a real piece of work. If you haven't seen it, go ask your chair for a copy. The first thing to realize is that all this information is available should the Provost or whoever came up with this questionnaire want to go look. But let's face it, it's a whole lot more fun to have faculty turning in fellow faculty for not working hard enough. It's no fun to just go look at
ARPAs and then have a quiet conversation. NO but gosh and by golly let's get those little blighters to spill the beans on one another. Heaven forbid that faculty might want to teach a seminar in their area of research. There will be no more boutique courses taught here. It's got to be depressing to have spent years researching a particular area and then have it referred to as "boutique". The good Dr. Tinkle actually has several questions to ask.

1. Was the survey sent to all colleges or just A & S?
2. Who actually initiated this puppy?
3. What happened to the benchmarking study?
4. Have the fine folks at the Learning Alliance sent a report yet?
5. And a corallary to the one above, will we get to see the original or just an edited version?
6. Did anyone else read the questions and think it was 1953? Are you or have you ever been.....?

Good night and good luck


Anonymous said...

Was the ASC meeting on Feb. 3 deliberately set up so that we could not talk about the important issues? It sure seemed so--why substitute a presentation on gardening (interesting, yes, but...) as a last minute agenda item that prevented discussion of major issues involving ALL faculty? I don't get it.

K said...

Same here.

Dr. Tinkle said...

Zaltino says: sure looks that way.

red said...

The A&S questionnaire was derived from the budget development guidelines sent to all VPs and Deans, and which have been available since early January from the UT Budget exchange website at where anyone, including A&S Council Executive and members could have read them.