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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Update From Chair of COCA Council

Cut and pasted below please find the most recent update on the merger process from COCA Council Chair Ray Marchionni:

Hi all!

Hope summer is going well for all!  Following is an update on where we are to date with the formation of the new college.

As you already know, the new college has been named the College of Arts and Letters and the arts school is named the School of Visual and Performing Arts.  These were the names that the majority of faculty chose.  The UT-BOT Academic Affairs Committee approved the new college name as well as the arts school name; these will be on the consent agenda for the full UT-BOT meeting in June.  We will hear more on specifics after July 1, when the new college administration becomes official.

We’ve had a change on the summer co-Council with the resignation of Jay Weik who has been replaced by Brian Patrick.  
Additionally, we have made our first assignment w/re to the creation of the new college’s Constitution.  The particulars of the assignment are in an email that Jerry and I will soon send to the co-Council and to those faculty members who volunteered to work on the new Constitution.  I will send you a copy of the email once it is sent to the co-Council and volunteers so that you have insight as to how we’ll proceed.  

Both Jay Weik and Daniel Tobias have resigned their positions on the CoCA Council and have been replaced by Edmund Lingan (theatre/film) and by a music faculty member to be named at a later date.  I would like to thank both of them for their service this past year.  I suspect that after the Constitution is discussed and voted upon by the new college faculty this fall we will then proceed to discuss the formation of the new college Council.


Thursday, April 28, 2016

Friday, April 22, 2016

Foreign Language Modification in COMM

As an antidote to a great deal of hyperbolic gossip and fear-mongering, the actual language of the Department of Communication Foreign Language modification proposal is reproduced below.  As can be seen, this proposal does not attack Foreign Languages in any way, it merely modifies the requirement, providing three options, so as to give students and advisors flexibility in achieving educational goals.

"This change is a department modification.  The foreign language and foreign language elective requirement is eliminated. In their stead students have three options, conditional upon approval by their department adviser.  Students may (1) opt to fulfill the originally required foreign language and multicultural class requirement as set down in Attachment A, or, (2) opt to fulfill this requirement by substituting university multicultural and diversity courses as listed in the University of Toledo Catalog available at, or (3) take appropriate upper level electives as approved by their adviser. There is no change in total hours needed for graduation. "

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

President's Message on Merger

Dear CoCA and LLSS Faculty,
As you know, the College Councils have worked diligently on proposed structures for a merged college. On March 24th, the two deans brought forward a proposal that has a “School of the Arts” embedded within a combined college.
It is important to note, the “School of the Arts” has been a consistent discussion point from CoCA representatives and something that I had indicated seemed reasonable since this would not be a College with a School “tacked on,” but rather a School integrated into the College. 
As with all of our Schools, there would be a Director who would be expected to teach and work actively to enhance existing local relationships, such as those with the Toledo Museum of Art, the Toledo Symphony and the Toledo School of the Arts. 
I envision that the new college will have a college council with proportional representation from all 14 departments. While there are curricular issues to resolve, those are the purview of the faculty and should be discussed collectively. However, there should not be an imposition of majority will, or curriculum, on any departments. Instead, academic integrity and pedagogy should prevail.
Finally, I encourage us to make progress and position our newly constituted college for increased future success. As such, I propose that we complete this transition and then we allow new Provost Hsu to initiate a national search in August 2017 for the next dean of this new college.
It is my hope that we can proceed with the merged college and begin the process of working through the details. To defer this to next year extends this period of uncertainty.
Thank you for your help and patience in this process.

Sharon L. Gaber, Ph.D.

Monday, February 29, 2016


Standing Ovation for President Gaber

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Keeping Up With Old Friends

Update 6 Feb:  The vote went 50/2 for no confidence.  Interesting is that the Akron trustees are blaming the faculty and contract talks for rampant mal-administration.  Doesn't this sound like a familiar voice from the administrative past at UT?  "Misbehaving faculty," was one of the slogans of the Jacob's era.