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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Friday, April 22, 2016

Foreign Language Modification in COMM

As an antidote to a great deal of hyperbolic gossip and fear-mongering, the actual language of the Department of Communication Foreign Language modification proposal is reproduced below.  As can be seen, this proposal does not attack Foreign Languages in any way, it merely modifies the requirement, providing three options, so as to give students and advisors flexibility in achieving educational goals.

"This change is a department modification.  The foreign language and foreign language elective requirement is eliminated. In their stead students have three options, conditional upon approval by their department adviser.  Students may (1) opt to fulfill the originally required foreign language and multicultural class requirement as set down in Attachment A, or, (2) opt to fulfill this requirement by substituting university multicultural and diversity courses as listed in the University of Toledo Catalog available at, or (3) take appropriate upper level electives as approved by their adviser. There is no change in total hours needed for graduation. "