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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Follow the Money

For those of us fortunate enough to have seen our King's remarks yesterday, I have a suggestion. Let's ask for a real accounting. I want to know how much we had last year and where all the money went. They are asking for furloughs while tossing 10 million at the technology corridor. How much have they already invested in the School of Perpetual (oops, sorry) the School of Renewable Energy? Are they using the "fiscal storm" as an excuse to raise teaching loads and to bend agreements with unions? If we really are in this big of a financial problem, how did we get there? Enrollment is up. It would seem that if sacrifice is necessary then our "transparant" administration has to do a better job of explaining where the money has gone. I understand that the country is in a lot of trouble as is the state. The question is how much money do we actually get from the state and how much of that has been cut? I am willing to be convinced but yesterday's performance did not begin to do that. If by "we" the King means everyone, then it should mean everyone including special pets and their projects.

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Board Watcher said...


I think the term MISFEASANCE is probably appropriate to apply to the Jacob's administration. They lost and spent all the money , in a time of increased enrollments, and now are claiming financial exigency. This is analogous to a drunk who spends all his money and then blames the economy.

Do we need a UT administrative bailout? That way the board could pay more bonuses yet to award irresponsible management.

I think, too, the Board needs to open some windows and get a little fresh air into its stale processes.