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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Budget Questionnaire to Chairs

Below is the questionnaire that went out to dept. chairs. It came from the ASC Dean"s office although we were given to understand at the ASC meeting of Feb. 4 that it is a distillation of more questions that came from higher up. Actually it was never made quite clear at the meeting who orginated this. Maybe it is sufficient to know it comes from On High. Unimpeachable Authority is involved, and maybe a good deal of very impeachable high density administrative thinking. Enjoy.

1. What is the standard teaching load in your department for both research active and teaching-centered tenure-track faculty? Please provide a list of faculty members who have course releases, along with the reason for the release.

2. If there are tenure-track faculty in your department who are not giving their full measure of effort to the work of your department, and if he/she were to increase their contribution through additional teaching of regularly scheduled courses, how many more classes could be taught by tenure-track faculty?

Fall Spring

Please identify the affected faculty:

3. With regard to work load in your department, could you indicate the average number of hours per week that your faculty spend in the following activities.

Activity Hours

Teaching regularly scheduled courses including
preparation, grading, office hours etc.
Indicate for each level
1000-2000 level
3000-4000 level

Supervising, advising, mentoring etc. of students

Research and scholarship

Service and administration

4. Are all the courses offered by your department during this academic year programmatically essential, or are some courses in your schedule because of a strong interest on the part of a faculty member, but not essential to developing a solid foundation in the discipline for your majors or graduate students?

Please identify these courses:

5. Do you feel that any of your department’s course offerings are significantly similar to courses offered in other departments, and are there courses in other departments that could be used in place of any of your course offerings?

6. Could you estimate the number of sections that you could eliminate if, in courses where there was sufficient demand, you were to set the capacity of sections to their room sizes rather than using a predetermined uniform capacity based on pedagogical or other consideration?

7. Which of your programs or major specializations offered by your department have seen either significant increases or decreases in enrollment in the past three years? Which of your programs or specializations have the largest enrollments?

8. Can you identify ways to increase the enrollments in your programs or majors?

9. Referring to previously reported data, list institutions with departments or programs who you would consider to be peer department or programs. What institutions have departments or programs that you reasonably expect to compete with in the next five years.

10. Would it be possible to meet the obligations of your department without a loss of net revenue to the institutions if you were to cut full-time positions by 10% assuming no union contract restrictions?


Organizational Behaviorist said...

This is just another characteristc move against CAS--which highest admin. wants to make into a community college while charging university tuition rates to exploited students. Think also of the new round of early retirements, the idea of which is to gut CAS. Be an organizational behaviorist! The words of assurance mean nothing, but the actions tell all. These actions say they want a world of obedient, submissive, marginally qualified faculty that can be controlled, managed and paid little.

Emeritus Publius said...

I've been watching this process for years. Listen to what they say but watch their hands!

UTED said...

I noticed they posted the actual document of the text above on Scarborough' blog.

They don't seem to think it's a document that's problematic to share.