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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A & S Meetings

Dr. Tinkle has heard through the grapevine (that's why my ears are purple) that yesterday's meeting was truly bizarre. First of all, it took forever to pass a straightforward minor for the fine folks in Physics. Why the hangup people, it's a science minor. Of course there will be prerequisites. Then there was all the hoopla over the statement encouraging the Pres to donate his bonus to scholarships. Now, whether the statement was good, bad or ugly did not seem to be the point of the discussion. Instead Benny called it immoral because we were telling other people what to do with their money. Excuse me, the church tells me I should tithe, advertisers tell me I should buy, the government tells me I should pay, and charities tell me what a good idea it is to give. These hardly rise to the level of immorality. The statement was voted down. Then there was a last minute addition of a group that will be trying to plant a garden. Nice idea. I wish them well, but the presentation went on for forty minutes. It was five o'clock and our fine representatives had not gotten to the relevant issue of the idiotic questionnaire. They actually had to vote to extend the meeting time. If one were conspiratorial in nature one might suppose that this was by design. How about it Larry???

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Ahhhh. It's good to be back.