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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Report and Observations on A&S Council Meeting This Past Week

Below are the the resolutions passed by Council on Feb 17. These are the versions revised in accordance with instructions and comments from council members.

Rather than wait until the next ASC meeting for final approval for the word changes to the resolutions, and do nothing in effect while UT senior administration continues to destroy the ability of the College to deliver on its mission of teaching, research and service, it was decided that Exec-Committee suitably revise them and send them on. They are again relayed here.

Make no mistake--the College is under direct attack and may be transformed into a junior/community type college by administrative fiat if they are allowed to go ahead with their strange agenda of no new hires and elimination of existing positions through early retirement. Who will teach? Maybe this is what is meant by "Transformative Change?" Presto-Chango and you see a community college where the City of Toledo once had a University. What will the Board and Jacobs attempt next? Transforming gold into lead? Apparently there will be no need for a centennial celebration of the College, under this new plan of theirs, assuming they can inflict it: but if they succeed we suggest someone plan a funeral for the college and/or write an obituary instead.

Resolved that Council requests from the administration a
full accounting of the process for determining faculty
hiring for 2009-2010 and 2010-2011, including visiting
and lecturer appointments, so departments can plan
accordingly and faculty may have a voice. The accounting
must include both long-range strategies and ERIP

Resolved that Council seeks explicit recognition by the
administration of the authority of Chairs of departments,
in agreement with faculty, to determine workloads as
described in the Collective Bargaining Agreements.
See Paragraph 10.3.1 in the Tenure/Tenure-Track CBA
and 8.4.2 in the Lecturer's CBA.

Resolved that Council requests that contractual agreements
for designated funds (e.g. start-ups and student lab fees),
including carry-forwards, be honored without a long and
expensive review process. These budget line items have
already been justified at the time of contract and should
be treated as liquid assets by the faculty member and/or

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