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Monday, October 5, 2009

UT AAUP Stands Corrected: It's Not Bacon, Only Pork

From UT AAUP, more news that makes one wonder about how many other supposedly untraceable spin-offs this administration is involved in, e.g., UT Captive:

Update: Oct. 1st Newsletter
by: Donald K. Wedding 

UTMCO Medical Building - photo
The UT-AAUP newsletter of last Thursday, October 1, 2009 stated that Tammy Scarborough, wife of Senior VP Scott Scarborough, is employed on the Health Science Campus.

In a letter dated Friday, October 2, 2009, the University of Toledo Physicians legal counsel has advised that Tammy Scarborough is NOT employed by The University of Toledo, but is employed by the University of Toledo Physicians (UTP).

The letter from UTP legal counsel reads in part:
"....UTP is an independent entity that is separate and distinct from UT and not subject to the Ohio Public Records Law as it is not a "public office" as that term is defined under Ohio Rev. Code § 149.011(A). UTP is not a state agency, public institution, or other entity established to exercise any function of government. Moreover, UTP does not receive any governmental funding and is not controlled, regulated, or created by the state."
It is noted that Ms. Scarborough's listed email is Her listed telephone and fax numbers are the exchange for the Health Science Campus.



Rickety Rocketeer said...

UT and UTP showing students how to CYA. Usually you CYA with records, UT is getting innovative.

Anonymous said...

You mean this private organization that somehow contracts with a government agency employs a family member of someone in that government agency who might directly or indirectly be responsible for these contracts going to this private agency?