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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Higher Morality Does Exist in Administration


"Clearly the university has a lot of mojo right now," trustee Brian K. Hicks said. 

"Thank you for leading our mojo, Dr. Gee." 

The board gave Mr. Gee high marks for recruiting an outstanding leadership team; 

involving students, professors, staff members, and the board in all levels of 

decision-making, and partnering with businesses and community groups to 

address issues greater than just the university. 

Trustees also praised him for pushing a $1 billion expansion of the OSU Medical 


Based on his performance this year, the board decided to give Mr. Gee a $20,053 

raise. The increase, equal to 2.5 percent of his current base salary of $802,125, 

mirrors the aggregate percentage given to OSU's faculty and staff. 

The money will be diverted to the university's "Students First, Students Now" 

scholarship fund. 

Another $950,000 in raises and bonuses that would have gone to Mr. Gee's senior 

management team will go into that fund. 

Trustees also decided that Mr. Gee had earned a 35 percent bonus for meeting 


But his bonus, like those of other top officials, was reduced by 10 percentage points 

because of the lousy economy. 

Mr. Gee will receive the $200,531 bonus, but he will donate it to a scholarship fund 

that he established this year with a $1 million personal pledge. 

Mr. Gee will pay the taxes on that income out of his other earnings. 

Mr. Gee said the university's success is a reflection of the people under him.

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Anonymous said...

To our fearless, corporatized, profit motivated leaders, the concept of "giving back a bonus" as a gesture of solidarity, or as a matter of principle is probably as alien a notion to them as anything can be.