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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Rumor

Okay so the dean ducked another A & S meeting. Contrary to popular belief, the world continues to spin and the sun generally rises in the east. According to my furry little peanut eating buddies on the campus, the latest idea is to merge the natural sciences with the school of perpetual motion with our dean continuing as an interim until sometime in the distant future. The rest of us go to the learning collaborative and are taught how to teach. I hope the furry ones are wrong about this, but they hit the Lions score right on the nose.


Googly Woogly said...

Does this mean that the College will get an interim interim dean? Or will the current interim dean become the half-time interim dean? Or will she be the semi-interim dean when wearing the ASC hat? Or merely the interminable interim? Or will she continue as now, working half time for full time pay, at both colleges, or will they pay her twice the full time rate she now receives for working one-quarter time at each college, thus keeping her half time schedule? Nice work if you can get it. Someone please explain this to me, preferably in rhyme.

Anonymous said...

It probably means the rest of A&S goes to the College of Education with Tom Brady as the interim dean.

Anonymous said...

There's a rumor that the powers that be have now decided that Tom Brady will be Jacobs
successor once peerless leader has collected his final six figure bonus. I'd dismiss that as crazy gossip ---except I've now heard it from two fairly well connected sources. Perhaps the board needs an affirmative action training session ?

yo, duh! said...

Googly Woogly, How's this?

If you are the Dean,
it is mighty keen,
Especially if just for the interim.

Since two paychecks are nice,
it’s a bargain at double price
to be Dean ad infiniterim.

It’s not a conspiracy vast—
just partly, it’s only half-vast,
an administration in vast hysterium.

To this there’s no reason or rhyme,
just something to take up our time
and to send us into delirium.

It does not make sense,
so don’t take offense,
it’s just a magnum mysterium.