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Monday, October 12, 2009

Let Them Eat Jake

This is another depiction of Marie Antoinette.  Bloggie is torn between depictions. Which is more suitable? 


Rickety Rocketeer said...

One with more bust.

Anonymous said...

The imperious one with the globe ----better fits the pretensions of our peerless leader

Professor Demeritus said...

You know you've put you finger in a sore spot when the Evil Empire comes looking for you.

A while back, I complained to the Governor about the bonuses/rewards fiasco. Eventually, the Governor forwarded it to the Board of Regents. I guess I must have struck a responsive chord because my UT e-mail account was "administratively canceled" today.

This is just too much fun!

Anonymous said...

I personally think you need a ken doll with a blue and yellow tie to signify that he works at the local university. He should also be pictured with a university supplied vehicle, a big M.D. bag, and he must be able to talk using big words that he doesn't know the definitions to.

Or better yet how about rancher Ken with his cattle?

Funny how this university likes to censor it's faculty. Next will there be faculty disappearing because of what they say? Or will we tie cinder blocks to their feet and push them into a pond because of their filthy witch craft spewing mouths?

umbraged said...

We cannot eat Jake,
we'd have a tummmyache,
and at MUO
some now on permanent furlough,
so who will be there
to give us care?

backpocket542 said...

Wait, wait, wait how are you supposed to reach your students if you cannot use your UT e-mail? Or better yet how are they supposed to reach you?

An even better question is, who the hell is watching this blog and deciding to cancel accounts? Are they being paid to do such a thing? And if not, are they doing it on the time they should be using towards their work at the U?

Was this job posted? Someone should get to the bottom of this.

Professor Demeritus said...

A quick clarification: I am retired, so the loss of the e-mail account is no big deal. I have several others, and my own e-mail server if I need it.

However, the message implied in the account cancellation is chilling: Disagree with us and we'll punish you in one way or another.

What happened is petty for certain, although I hate to think what might have happened were I still a faculty member at UT.

Margaret said...

Is the depiction of Marie Antoinette or BOT Chair Summons? I think it is a great characterization of the latter

Googly Woogly said...

Professor Demeritus:

I find your comments insulting, demeaning and undiplomatic. Please keep publishing them, as you are also perfectly accurate.

Regarding punishment, do you think this current interminable interim Dean may be Jacobs' way of punishing the College? Sure looks that way.