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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I heard this a few days ago while wandering around the campus feeding the squirrels. According to my impeccable sources our dean will not be attending the A & S meeting next Tuesday. Her schedule seems to have become a wee bit complicated. Now, she was invited to the last meeting and did not make it. So, to give her plenty of time, the executive committee gave her a month's advance notice. Does this mean one should conclude the dean is ducking the council? Why praytell? The council seems like such a nice bunch, at least from a distance. Could it be she's a little peeved over the council's lack of an endorsement for a third year? Could she actually be upset that the council did not immediately say, "of course, stay as long as you like."?

From this distance it seems the council was owed more than "my schedule has gotten complicated" as a reason for not showing up.


Anonymous said...

Good Doctor Tinkle, you. and the council just don't get it ! In the modern corporate university, courtesy like loyalty is supposed to flow up, not down. Her deanliness therefore owes the faculty and its council absolutely no explanation whatsoever.

umbraged said...

And our schedules are not complicated?

Rickety Rocketeer said...

Ms. Condeaniology gets a bonus for most meetings dodged.

backpocket542 said...

Hey leave her alone. Maybe she's going to be taking a nap at that time. Possibly even visiting retirement homes. Or baking cookies and visiting her grandchildren like all good grandmothers.

Horrified said...

No, I don't think that nap time is a suitable or appropriate criticism. But what perhaps are suitable criticisms follow:

1. We have a part time Dean who gets full time pay (plus) in a more-than-full time job; she doesn't work a full week ever, as far as I know, and my information is good.
2, She is a crony, or she certainly acts like one.
3, A year was fine, she filled the empty position and we are grateful, but two years years are one too many, and three--as is being discussed and rumor has it the contract has already been offered by Jacobs and Co--is simply the imposition of martial law on the College. This is the occupation government.
4, She is a placeholder.
5. What has she really done? Other than what she has been told to do by those who hired her.
6. Real universities do national searches for officers. Also, UT being a state university, hiring should be done in accord with standard, best practices and not from the buddy list. This type of hiring is is a corrupting practice.
7. Shame on Jacobs. Shame on Haggett. Shame on McClelland for forming and sustaining this illegitimate and injurious cabal.