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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Petition

I notice there is a petition circulating that wants us to change our name because we are essentially an embarrassment to the College. I notice the petition is anonymous. Quite clever.


Anonymous said...

this is funny--the author(s) of the petition hide(s) their/his/her identity(ies).

And worse yet, from the point of view of this document, an innocent reader of the document might be misled into believing these petitioners represent the College and the University. They certainly don't and aren't.

They should circulate a petition against themselves--they would probably get more sympathy. Can't they be civil?

And who wrote that tortuous thing? Pomposity unchained!

Professor Demeritus said...

This petition is the exact opposite of what one would expect from the faculty of a College of Arts and Sciences. It is a blatant attempt to silence the voices of dissent. Bad news for the UT students.

Anonymous said...

I am repeatedly hering three names associated with this petition... One is on the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate and the other two names "come before". However, I doubt that they have the courage to say that they originated the petition.

Regardless, most of the people in A&S known exactly who they are as they have been syncophants for the Dean, the Provost and the President for some time now.

Morris Zapp said...

This type of nonsense is frighteningly reminiscent of the loyalty oaths that were often required of academics and others during the Red Scare of the McCarthy era. What will happen to those who will not sign? The American Association of University Professors recently had to fight against a similar effort at California State University: Loyalty Oaths Threaten Faculty Rights

The silencing of dissent on this campus is a disturbing new trend (although only one of many perpetrated by the current administration). What's next?