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Monday, January 25, 2010


The issue of furloughs has returned. I will suggest now as I did then that a real audit is necessary. How much money comes in; where is it spent; and, who benefits. Everytime someone asks why there is a blog, the administration very nicely answers the question for us.

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Anonymous said...

While an audit is necessary, an audit by itself will not show the problems if the moneys were spent in accordance with the law. It is quite possible within the law to redistribute the funds in such a way as to be totally insane and still pass an audit. Second of all, the accounts must be separated in such a way that it can be shown who the exact recipients of the funds are. Aggregating the accounts will pass an audit and we still will not know who is getting the funds. What we need to know is how are the funds being distributed and how this has changed year to year for approximately the past 10 years.