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Friday, January 15, 2010

Butting Up Against the Truth


Anonymous said...

This UT administration is baaaaaaaaaaad news for quality of education.

Personally I credit UT's BOT members with enough good sense and good will to eventually figure out that they are being led down the garden path by a gang of self-serving, egocentric administrators who cynically use well-intended, innocent people --even students, such as the case with a recent incident involving an certain unfortunate young woman known to the BOT--to promote their sleazy careerism.

BOT members, the faculty are not the problem; it's those people who have been controling the information you receive about the college, who have been telling you the tall tales you hear about the faculty. For example, that their are recent "racist" incidents in the college. Not true. All there have been are anonymous accusations and slanderous rumors and hints apparently originating from administrators. Connect the dots and see who benefits by these tall tales.

I doubt there is a faculty member in the College who would not go far out of his or her way to help a student or provide an opportunity.

And if I wish to be anonymous on this blog, that is entirely my affair. I saw what happened to Professor Nemeth when the vicious administrative gossip/slander machine attacked him. He has been vindicated, but I can live without the sort of strss.

Anonymous said...

"It does seem to me that one of the best ways to distinguish vocational schools and universities involves the extent to which the institution is market-driven, essentially giving students what the market at any one point in time seems to want them to have; and the extent to which the institution is in possession of an established intellectual tradition, a serious curriculum, reflecting serious knowledge whose shape and content has evolved with time and thought on the part of independent-minded, historically informed scholars.

If a university evolves into a vocational school, I don’t see how it can compete with the commercial, for-profit places out there – they will probably be cheaper, quicker, and more efficient. They will not ask the student for extra money for environmental elements like football teams and orientation weekends and so forth. In the long term, I don’t see the vocational university surviving against the vocational for-profit." Margaret Soltan Prof at George Washington University

Anonymous said...

Goats! Sheep! You guys and gals are are pulling out all the plugs! What a goofball political cartoon! So spot-on! It reduces uber-righteous ivory tower Roundtable rhetoric to a barnyard banter, relocating it right where it belongs. Nasty and clever. Those goats are really intelligent. "We don't need no stinking Roundtable .." You kill me! "Don't be a sheep!" Ha! Keep it coming!