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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Has anyone seen the plan yet?

Question: How many administrators does it take to change a light bulb?

Answer: Not known. One custodian can do the physical labor but an unknown number of administrators will spend days trying to blame the blog for the light going out. Remember, if the lights go out around here, we had no control of the budget.


Anonymous said...

If you're under the illusion you have control of the budget now, that's just sad.

They are blaming the racism of your posts, David. People yawned when you attacked the admin. They yelled at you when you attacked people because their skin color was different than yours.

I don't understand how someone with a PhD can claim the moral high ground using racist phrases.

Dr JRB said...

Can we please get off the ad hominem attacks on the administration and get back to the conversation about the Roundtable?

I've enjoyed much of this blog but I'm becoming frustrated with the cutsie interruptions each time substantive discussions about the Roundtable get going again.

Can we please argue with ideas and not just that the administration is stupid?

Bloggie said...

Bloggie has published the below Anonymous comment just so you, dear readers, can see the willful misconstruals that a few organized people (administrators or fawning servants? ) attempt to make of these posts. Obviously they are trying to distract from the simple, indisputable point that UT is becoming more and more top heavy and administrators are sucking more and more resources at the expense of the College and its ability to deliver quality education/research. English and Foreign Languages can't even get their own secretaries, despite the huge number of students they serve. The College Office, however, which is overrun with clerical help and deanlets, expects professors and chairs to also do the heavy clerical work and also for these two vital departments to share a sole secretary.

Note, too, that Professor David Tucker never said anything racist in the first place. Go back and look. Look hard. Neither did Professor Nemeth. This was and remains a deliberate, strained misconstrual. Note too that the President even echoes this distortion in his Townhall meetings. He, above all, should know better. It is an attempt to marginalize. Neither Professor Tucker nor Professor Nemeth, who has also been denounced by the witch hunters, ever attacked anyone's skin color or race. The race card allegation appears as a cynical distortion by persons who wish to discredit faculty and isolate any independent source of information concerning the University. They cannot stand it that someone other than themselves is allowed to have opinions and speak in any format that is not under their total control.

And in nowise do any of Professor Tucker's posts imply any imagined control of the budget. These are the amoral words of nasty person cynically making accusations that appear to be not at all wild, but calculated slanders.

Go read all the posts on this blog and see for yourself. And then think about who benefits most from lies told about their content.

So to this particular Anonymous, and to him or her only, and only to him or her, to quote a notable line from a recent ASC meeting, "Bugger off." To everyone else, Bloggie loves you all, still.

You, the readers: you have the brains. you decide.

And perhaps we should also look to JRB's comment posted further below for guidance concerning continued substantive conversation re the Roundtable. Thank you JRB.

Love to all,


yo, duh! said...

At the risk of giving Anonymous and cohorts something more to twist into fuel to add to their purported fire: thank you, Bloggie, for pointing out the willfulness of the mis-taking of things that are posted on the blog.

umbraged said...

How many administrators does it take to change a light bulb? Hmmm ... first they have to vote to give themselves raises because of all the extra work and risks involved in changing light bulbs, then they have to figure out who of the staff to get rid of to help cover the raises ... all the while leaving the university in the dark as to what they're really up to ...

Anonymous said...


"At Tuesday’s meeting, Jacobs addressed the issue of union members’ involvement in the program and talked about the possibility of the UT Board of Trustees overriding bargaining agreements so unions would participate in the possible furloughs."

Will someone with tenure do something about this fool? Collective bargaining does not work that way.