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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Words and Meetings

Well A & S meets again today. The excitement builds as they get to discss the proposed school of perpetual oops sorry, Renewable Energy. Wow what a great idea. Dr. Tinkle must admit some confusion here as he/she is really not a greenie (drives an SUV, puts fertilizer on the lawn, has a carbon footprint the size of Ohio etc.) However, a few years ago the good doctor did express concern at all the hullaballoo over ethanol. Anyone who could do basic math could have explained to those fine politicians that we could not grow enough corn to both power vehicles and feed folks at the same time. Along those same lines, has anyone done the math on what happens when 200,000 vehicles in Cleveland all get plugged in to recharge at the same time???? The good doctor will also be interested in what constitutes "renewable." In a strict sense solar power is not really renewable. Eventually the sun dies. Perhaps we should think of it as long term oil. Aside from these silly little issues, there's the real issue of faculty. Who goes into the school and what does that do to the departments (and their students) they just left?

By the way, I am enjoying the list of words you fine folks are supplying in regards to my last post. How could I have ever left synergy off of the list?

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