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Monday, March 2, 2009

UT Students Commence De-Lloyding Program

The following pamphlet is being circulated on campus this week, 4,000 copies have been made already it is reported, and is wholly attributable to UT students. Reproduced here is its content and not its format:

Lloyd Jacobs
Is A Threat To Your Future

Keeping your head down and working towards graduation won’t protect you!

There are very few “conventional students” at UT, many of us are commuters, or part-timers, or returning after years in the workforce. You, whatever your situation, need to take part.

Lloyd Jacobs’ decisions are going to haunt you whether you ignore him or not. If you take action you’re taking your future into your own hands and you have the opportunity to change what is happening.

Jacobs is working to turn the University of Toledo into a diploma mill. This will devalue your degree and make it harder for you to be competitive in the job market or go on to a higher degree. You have worked too hard to have that happen to you without a fight.

Since he was handed the office of the president Lloyd Jacobs has disregarded the will of students, faculty, parents, alumni and even dissenters within his administration in his quest to dismantle the University of Toledo and reform it in a business model. If you try to fix want isn’t broken Lloyd, you break it.

We need an academic as president, someone who values higher education and academic pursuits. Someone who will work hard to raise money and find funding-not just make cuts to every degree but his pet departments. You can make this happen. You have to take action for your future.


Diploma Mill
Inside Higher Ed on February 26 reports that “administrators are exploring a partnership with a private company known for churning out quick and inexpensive degrees.”
This will follow you, whether you graduate now, or graduated ten years ago. President Jacobs is going to devalue your degree.
That isn’t all. In a letter President Jacobs “outlined the parameters for finding a new interim dean to replace Thomas Switzer, who is retiring. In the Jan. 27 letter, President Lloyd Jacobs told his provost that a ‘business orientation’ – not a background in education – was essential.
‘I strongly suggest a person outside the [College of Education]: indeed, a person outside the ‘educational establishment,’ wrote Jacobs, who is a medical doctor. ‘I have some ideas I would like to share with you.”
These are the latest in a long string of half-baked, harmful ideas to come from the Office of the President, and they won’t be the last as long as Lloyd Jacobs is the president of the University of Toledo.
Inside Higher Ed article

National Search
After 2008 and the resignation of Dean Lee in response to student and faculty protests, one would think that President Jacobs would refrain from implementing half-assed ideas during his tenure at UT.
Lloyd Jacobs is not the President of the University of Toledo because he was found to be the best candidate in a national search, something that is standard practice at all levels of hiring at the university -- no, his was a sweetheart deal pushed through during the merger of MUO and UT. He has been the president since July 2006 and it is time for a national search for a new president to start.

“”How much do you make?”
Any time that Dr. Jacobs is challenged on his policies or on the direction he is forcing the university in he whines “I could be making three times my salary in the private sector.” What his salary is, he can’t remember (it is over $390,000 a year, with a $450,000 bonus over 3 years for not looking elsewhere for work)
It’s time for Dr. Jacobs and the university to part ways. He gleefully rubs it in others faces how overqualified he is, now is the time for him to print up a few resumes and start looking for a new job.

WE can stop this!
This University will respond to the students, but only if we refuse to be ignored. Only if we make enough noise that they cannot make a decision without our input.

This won’t be easy. The Board of Trustees loves Lloyd Jacobs, they’re the group that hired him without looking anywhere else and just gave him a raise. But they are the only ones that can remove him. And you as a student are in charge of the decisions of the board.

Call the Board of Trustees office today and tell them Enough Bullshit, Jacobs Must Quit!

Office of the Board of Trustees

Send an email to to help organize!

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