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Friday, March 20, 2009



The following statement was attributed to VP of external relations Larry Burns on the UT website this past week:

Branding…what is it?
Hello friends. As you know, the term ” Branding” has become an extremely popular marketing concept for all types of organizations and businesses. Two of the most prominent and well-known brands in the world are “Coke” and “Polo”. What exactly is a “Brand” and how does that relate to The University of Toledo.

Bloggie thinks this is an excellent question. A cookie and a big cash bonus to Mr. Burns for astuteness!

And indeed, under the Jacobs administration the university’s innumerable VPs, working alongside the president, have been hard at work developing a Presidential UT Brand that truly stands out in the community, in the state of Ohio and, increasingly, even nationally.  

Keep up this work, BOT, and UT will become a leader in the second tier of K-8 education in the State of Ohio!


First Time Commenting said...

This post is insulting, demeaning and crude.

I really, really like it--because that is exactly the case with the current administration's programmatic absurdities, too--and they need to be answered in kind.

Ted said...

Wow! Powerful Pickle! I skeered! But this is the future for UT under the present administraton, isn't it? Eventually we will even transform UT football into UT pickleball. Go UT Pickles! Green and Mean! Then we can turn our Glass Bowl into a victory garden so we can grow -- more pickles! Thanks, Lloyd.

If Only it Weren't True said...

The Board of Trustees should perhaps rename itself in his image since they seem so overwhelmed by his mere presence, his apparently irresistible cucumber charisma:

The Board of Baby Gherkins