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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Dean

Okay, has the good Dr. Tinkle heard correctly that the new interim dean of the College of Education is a member of our esteemed Board of Trustees Tom Brady???? Gee, I wonder what he knows about Praxis exams and state requirements?? It's nice to know that A & S has company. I assume the next item of business will be to have an outside group come in to chat with the faculty. The good Dr. Tinkle has no idea whether the interim dean is wise, dumb or somewhere in between. What the Doctor does know is that the new appointee has been known to utter words like paradigm shift and we're no longer in a teaching world but a learning one. Dr. Tinkle has no idea what is actually meant by any of that. However, it is my opinion that such jargon will likely achieve very little for the College of Education.


Ed Tech said...

A pathological pattern begins to emerge in President Jacobs' Whackamole Plan to transform the Main Campus through pure administrative clout aided by cliche, spin and dumb discipline. Hire the Clueless! Someone has been staring at the ceiling too long!

"Mr. Strickland Sir! Here's the NEW plan for UT, Main Campus: Forget A&S; their students are too damn quick on the draw. Let's go after our sleeping giant instead. The J.H. College of Education! There's the REEEeeeeeeal moneymaker-in-waiting! They just need a little IN-CEN-TIVE over there! We can soup up their engine! See: the College of Education is just like some old Pierce Arrow y'all find in a barn and pry from some old farmer who doesn't know what he's got. The tires are rotten, but its got bookoo accreditation you can take straight to the bank. I know the man that can make this happen. We can hire Tom "Alpha Male" Brady off our BOT gunboat. He can be Deano and begin to scare or beat the milk out of that lazy old cash cow before our bucket hits the floor. Tom's got a business-savvy GRIP on things and how to get them done presto facto. He made himself in PLASTICS, y'know. And he's ayankin' at his chain to get everything in the PLASTICS mold at UT!"

"Well, Lloyd. Sure. Have a go at it. You got nothin' to lose -- and I sure don't ... By the way, how do you think Big Tom will handle taking his orders from Rosemary?"

AHahahahaha! Ahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha! Hah! Ahahaha!"
...Water! I'd dyin' here!"

"AHa! AHaHa! AHahahahaha! Ahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha! Hah! Ahahaha!"
... Here you go ‘Bro!

"Hah ...aha"

"Golf tomorrow?"

(High fives all around)

Professor said...

Will we now be able to refer to the Education College as "The Brady Bunch?"

What Hath Jake Wrought? said...

Word has it that Faculty Senate was, let's say, unenthused over the idea of Brady as Ed Deanator. Many objections were raised. UT under Jacobs may be becoming the first post-rational university.