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Friday, January 21, 2011

The UT Administrative Paradigm

Bonus Babies in the Time of the $100 Million Budget Cut to the Academic Enterprise. 


Anonymous said...

Don't they regurgitate it all later?

Bloggie said...

No--that's only if they are buzzards and only when they are threatened.

The kind of administrative birds pictured here merely fly away eventually and leave behind a big mess covered by their droppings.

Rob'n said...

These are bow-tied bamboozlers. They should soon be extinct for it is widely observed how in search of larger and larger bonuses they tend to fly in ever-increasing speeds in ever-decreasing circles till they fly up their own arses and suffocate themselves -- bye, bye birdie. They should be pitied not feared.

Anonymous said...

Scientifically, I think we have the classical "predator-prey" model here defined by the differential equations,

dx/dt = (a-b*y)x

dy/dt = (-m+n*x)y

where a, b, m and n are positive constants. The well known solutions to this model indicate that populations x and y grow at the expense of each other.

Thus if x(t) were the administrators and y(t) represented the faculty at any time t, x(t) grows by "eating" y(t). What the models also show is that the population, x(t), grows exponentially until they cannot support themselves by eating the population, y(t). Then population, x(t), too die off. Of course, the population y(t) may or may not exist at that point. Mathematical solutions are cyclic assuming that some of population, y(t), survive. But, as with all models, these are fictions of our imagination and simplifications of real world phenomena. If population, y(t), is exterminated, then the system must die.

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gmhumphr said...

I wonder how much it costs for an hour of air time on WJR? Tonight was another intriguing edition of Environmentally Sound. It seems outrageous that a university in such financial straits spends money on this fluff--and you can't even see his flashy suit on the radio!