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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rumors and Questions

I heard on the street that bonuses for the bigshots have once again happened. "All the animals are equal. It is just that some are more equal than others."

What money went into the solar plant in China?

Heard that Provost Gold's brother is working here.

Why has someone with little or no academic background been placed in charge of cutting programs?

Given the unemployment rate in Lucas county, how well is our business incubator working? How much in the way of tax money has gone into this project?

Why do we have to pay consultants to do job searches?

When over 100 people apply for a job, what constitutes "market value?"

The same question applies, only in reverse: when only 10 people apply, why do we pay minimum wage?

I hope all of you are enjoying our solar panel weather here. I understand the sun comes out around April 15th.


Anonymous said...

When I look at other Ohio universities and colleges it looks like the presidents and administrators are really trying to help the students and faculty and staff to get through this situation. However, here I feel we are purposely being hurt not only by the governor and the state house but also by our own leadership. I really feel like they have had it out for us and now see the state budget situation as a way to re-couble their efforts to advance a very bad agenda. I just hope some day they realize the pain and hurt they have caused and will cause with their actions.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. It seems like UT is the only institution of higher education in the state experiencing budget troubles. Coincidence that UT suffers while all other universities have handled the economic downturn so easily? Bad leadership.

Larry said...

UT Administrator Relevant Skills Development Manual, Lesson One:

"How to tie a bow tie like Ohio State's President Gordon Gee"

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does this read like it was written by staff members at The Onion? Or, possibly, by characters in a George Orwell novel?

Anonymous said...

Does the administrative not understand what a furlough day is to Professor teaching a class?

Anonymous said...

Since the Blade put the salary part of the budget book online, it seems only right that these bonuses (for sustained excellence in driving a university into the ground) be made public as well.

Or perhaps that will happen when The Brother-in-Law agrees to as many furlough days as the people in that article.