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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Highlights from the Second LLSS College Council Meeting

The Stoning of St. Davidus


Anonymous said...

Can someone explain to me why colleges are being told to prepare for a 20% budget cut? At most the state subsidy is to be cut 20% and that is only about 1/3 of the total UT budget. 20% of 1/3 should translate into a total budget cut of about 6.6% no? So, why are we preparing for such a large cut? Is more money missing from somewhere?

Anonymous said...

This URL is a must-see for the humanists among you. It also applies to much of what has been going on at UT. Laugh or cry, it's your choice but it's all too true.

Anonymous said...

The lack of transparency and the lack of two-way communication between the administration and the remainder of the organization has resulted in a climate of fear, of suspicion and accusation. The stress level among staff is higher than when the "Angel of Death" reigned. Unreasonable demands in the budgeting process and the over-burdening of new policies is crushing the middle layers of management. Meanwhile students fear the ever increasing tuition and fees that will be imposed, the disorganization of their programs, and the lack of certainty that exists until they graduate. The reward structure seems only to reward those in uppermost levels of the university that has created this situation.

The faculty are totally frustrated with the changes in their structures and the imposition of plans and processes that ignore the best practices for delivery of knowledge. And now they fight each other. Some have been passive and apathetic, some have become angry and others are simply put, depressed. No one seems happy; no seems motivated to do better; no one seems to believe that the future is brighter.

What is the point of all this? What is the goal of this? Whose vision of hell are we living? Is the best really in our past as many are claiming?

We have entered the Dark Ages.

Anonymous said...

This past week the department chair showed us the organizational structure of our new college. At the top in a BIG box was the dean. From there on down were slightly smaller boxes of other administration that filled up nine tenths of the page. At the very bottom of the page were itsy-bitsy tiny boxes squeezed in labeled as departments. It looked really funny but very appropriate. Kind of like a very top-heavy Spanish galleon...very representative of the university as a whole.

Anonymous said...

A BG faculty view on change at UT. No one argues that change is bad. What he doesn't realize is that change is not the problem, since we have been in constant change for the past twenty years. The real issue is who is doing the change, for what reasons, and who is benefiting from the change. While other Ohio universities such as BG continue to puruse relatively conservative and beneficial approaches to change, UT continues to be a sandbox for every trustee member and administrator whose parents promised them a university to play with.

Anonymous said...

From the university's website, I'm really glad to know that the Board has blah blah blah the new blah blah strategic plan blah blah.

But I know at least one college in Detroit that has already cancelled tomorrow's classes. Howabout us?