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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I tried keeping my ear to the ground but it's a little cool for that. However, after putting a glass to the wall we here at the blog have heard a couple of things. Chuck Leonard has been placed in charge of the budget cuts. This is hardly news but the fact there is only one academic on the committee is more than a bit disheartening. If we are an educational institution, then shouldn't the faculty have more real say in how all this comes down? Rumor has it the budget cuts may run as high as 100 million. Along those same lines, the College (?) advising office has lost two advisers in the last year and has not been authorized to replace them. That may tell you all you want to know about how extremely student centered we really are. The President wants Schools but folks have no idea how to put them together. Who runs them? Who's responsible for the curriculum for such schools? Who's responsible for advising students interested in such programs? Will they get to advertise as much as the hospital does? You know, some days it's just not worth gnawing through the restraints.


Anonymous said...

But why are you ALWAYS underestimating the size of the budget hole (it should be described as a black hole, more properly and more STEM-wisely). Indeed it seems it is slightly more than 100 million greenbacks, more in the range of 110 million. Do you want the poor administrators to tighten their belt and not having even a 10 miserable million dollars in bonuses? Don't you think you are insane demanding such a restriction? THEY (at the third floor of UH) ARE sad, and they share your suffering, but ehi, a bonus is a bonus! Don't you know that when Jacobs goes through an airport screening, instead of screaming "Don't touch my junk!" he says "Don't touch my bonus!"?
Good night and good luck!

Anonymous said...

Word on the street – 19 top execs got bonuses on December 28.

Jacobs: $65,000.00 & Scarborough: $60,000.00

And we may have to take furloughs…………………………..

Anonymous said...

I's funny how the timing and amounts of the bonuses always correspond with those losing their jobs....same old story, those on the top earn more and more and those on the bottom....

Anonymous said...

It all fits with what has been the national trend for some time now...the people at the top get fantastic wages and huge bonuses while the little people get layoffs.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile the sun sets on the solar bubble in the rust belt: