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Monday, May 24, 2010


The below message from the UT President was posted earlier by Bloggie as part of a larger message, so few seemed to have taken sufficient notice of its vague weirdness. Notice that a comment was posted too to an earlier post by a reader pertaining to this Strategic Reorganization. I have just these simple questions at this time, addressed to the BOT. Concerning your appointment of Lloyd Jacobs, isn't the honeymoon about over? How long are you going to let this guy going to spin these fuzzy yarns at the expense of the University?

Committee of Strategic Organization

Organizational structure can be an important tool for the attainment of strategic goals. Specifically, an organization that promotes interaction promotes creativity. Formal and informal interaction can promote vibrancy and excitement which in turn can result in new ideas and ways of thinking. For these reasons I have asked a group of faculty and administrators to continue the work begun during the recent trip to Arizona State University by thinking about our Organizational Structure. They will be benchmarking with other institutions as well as thinking creatively about Organization as Strategy. Ultimately, it is my hope that their deliberations will directly connect with the strategic planning process and constitute another implementation appendix for our recalibrated strategic plan?

The faculty and administrators involved are: Dr. Rosemary Haggett, Nina McClelland, Peg Traband, Patsy Komuniecki, Marcia King-Blandford, Jamie Barlowe, Beverly Schmoll, Miggy Hopkins, Ann Krause, Debra Davis, Charlene Czerniak, Penny Poplin Gosetti and Kaye Patten Wallace.



Anonymous said...

Given all the allegations of sexism that have been flying around this institution, I'm wondering how it would fly if a committee of this importance were comprised entirely of members of one gender, and that gender happened to be male?

zoroxyz10 said...

You guys need to orchestrate a panty raid on the girls’ Committee of Strategic Organization (CSO) slumber party :-)

But seriously folks, a handful of respected faculty really need to step up to the plate here.

Someone needs to sit in on these CSO meetings to observe, report and at least give some advance warning to the broader campus community of any impending administrative beer hall putsch.

By “someone” I mean someone with an idea of what the academy once was and still should be – a place where dedicated, serious minded teachers, scholars and students comprised the overwhelming majority (i.e. before the sanctuaries of the Ivory Tower were overrun by the barbarian hordes of postmodernism, political correctness, identity politics, careerism, marketing, management, finance and PR).

Below is the text of my earlier post pertaining to the CSO:

A brief meta-analysis of UT’s Committee of Strategic Organization

Committee of Strategic Organization members are: Rosemary Haggett, Nina McClelland, Peg Traband, Patsy Komuniecki, Marcia King-Blandford, Beverly Schmoll, Miggy Hopkins, Ann Krause, Jamie Barlowe, Debra Davis, Charlene Czerniak, Penny Poplin Gosetti and Kaye Patten Wallace.

Note the committee is comprised entirely of women – so at least we don’t have to worry about any “testosterone-fueled” rational thought.

Diversity? Gender equity? Hmmm…

In any case, the committee is made up of: a) the Provost and assorted Provost’s Office subordinates – i.e. the A&S Dean and several Vice and/or Assistant Vice and/or Interim Assistant Vice Provosts; b) various other representatives from health sciences; c) a few remaining representatives specifically from the arts, humanities and social sciences.

The fact that the professional, intellectual and academic background of the majority of the committee members is heavily weighted towards science, health science and alternative education methodologies is not necessarily a bad thing. The realities of the 21st century pretty much demand this emphasis.

But those remaining committee members with specifically non-science, health science or science teaching backgrounds are: Barlowe, Davis, Gosetti and Wallace.

These four presumably represent the specific interests of A&S faculty in the humanities and social sciences on the Committee of Strategic Organization.

But the essentially pseudo-academic background of these remaining committee members can be succinctly summarized as follows: Women’s and Gender Studies, Education, Marxist-Feminist-Postmodern Art and Literature.

Any serious A&S teachers and scholars working in serious non-pseudo academic areas may have good reason to find this breakdown of their “representation” on the Committee of Strategic Organization very troubling.

Anonymous said...

Committee's first recommendation: appoint more women to committees.