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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

For teaching writing--a BLOG??!!

As far as I can recall, satire has been used to show the opposing view, to goad, irritate, illustrate, and otherwise "piss off" those in power. That's what this blog is for. It is not meant to teach writing. No one should expect a blog to contain polished examples of anyone's writing. Does anyone believe that Swift's first draft of A Modest Proposal as good as what survives in the sample books?
Blogs are first drafts. They are written in the heat of anger, perhaps following the malaise of frustration or the funk of humiliation. Blogs are vents for letting off steam, with the hope that the steam burns someone or something into action. Blogging is writing of the underground, of the institution's loyal opposition, and like the union, speaks for the downtrodden and the misused and abused.
Long live the right to speak and write freely, as dangerous as that right may be! May the day never come when we have the rights, but--to quote a recent interview--we feel "...they don't necessarily need exercising in order to be retained as part of our freedoms and culture."
As the song goes "DIE GEDANKEN SIND FREI!"

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