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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Update on Dean's Ineffectual Efforts on Behalf of College

Read it yourself, but your sweet Bloggie interprets this as meaning--Now, now, shut up and go along with the program.

Date: Mon, 24 May 2010 16:37:04 -0400
From: "McClelland, Nina"
To: "Rouillard, Linda"
Cc: "Jacobs, Lloyd" ,
"Gaboury, John" ,
"Hymore, Diane"
Subject: RE: update on the library

Linda . . .

This confirms that I have:
1. Spoken with Dr. Gaboury regarding the library issues we
discussed. I learned that there was a committee involved in the
decisions reached and that the maps that were discarded were those - and
only those - that the Chair of the Department of Geography and Planning
identified as "no longer needed." Dr. Gaboury shared with me copies of
the related correspondence which I am attaching for your information;
2. Spoken with President Jacobs regarding the A&S Council Executive
Committee's request to add someone representing the Council to the
President's Committee on Strategic Organization. My sense was that,
because the committee is well along with its charge and the timeline
assigned was so short (30 days; i.e. report by June 9, 2010); and,
because the charge is institutional rather than College focused, he will
elect to continue with the Committee as originally constituted.
Please call or e-mail me if you have further questions.



Anonymous said...

I understood it to mean the accusations you leveled at the library were fraudulent and that perhaps you should have gathered information before you started accusing people of trashing and hating educational materials.

Don't you teach that in your communication classes?

Anonymous said...

my concern is not so much the library--although I am unclear why an inquiry based on reasonable grounds should be called "fraudulent"'--but the reorganization task force.

That committee is hand-selected, unrepresentative (except for administrators) and charged with what seems to be setting a template for the reorganization of the College and perhaps even the University.

And this 30 day deadline seems absurd.

Anonymous said...

Who is the chair of the Department of Geography and Planning to decided if maps should be thrown away or not? Did he personally buy them? I don't think that he did... I (or former students, really) paid for them with my (our) tution money.