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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"Sustainability" = Pablum for Airheads

“How quickly our once-proud academic campus was transformed into a sleazy degree mill during that stormy economic squall of 2010. The ruthless and conspiring Jacobs Administration emboldened by self-delusion and embracing its BOT-endorsed business model unexpectedly threw its befuddled faculty members and student body a single lifeline branded “Sustainability.” It proved to be a bankrupt concept and just another faddish euphemism for “economic growth” without any ethical compass. Within a decade the entire enterprise captained by corporate greed and administrative incompetency had drifted onto the shoals of failure, there to founder.” Diogenes, Bitter Recollections of the Scuttling of Public Higher Education at the University of Toledo (Google Media, 2025).


Anonymous said...

Doesn't Dr. Ashley Prior have a blog on sustainability and didn't A & S build an outdoor garden to promote sustainability themes?

Are you self-loathing?

Anonymous said...

That's a good question, Anonymous 7:07. Is the sustainable outdoor garden still sustaining itself ? Does it need another infusion of money to sustain it?

Anonymous said...

"Green begets green."
"Carats for carrots."
"Show me the lettuce!"
"(S)he couldn't tell a sweet pea from a hoe" ...

Spank me before I go on!
-- The Stealth Lothar

Tzara said...
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Anonymous said...

The BOT officially deals with faculty through Jacobs. No direct line, they declare. And The Dean, Provost and lackeys treat only with their pets. The ASC dean doesn't even bother to pretend to listen anymore. She obviously has contempt for faculty. Wait until they reorganize the college. Soon to come.

But things are being done, attempted. But this is a discussion forum, and it shares information and perspectives that the administration blots out or ignores.

YOU must act.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:06. Why not fire up your old blog that nobody visited. This time name it "Garrulous Me" or "I'm Shocked!" or "Like I Wet my Pants I Hate You So Much!" or "God Grant Me One Hillbilly Hug."

Anonymous said...

“Any definition that excludes nothing is a worthless definition.”

See here: