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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Submission/Query from Reader on Dotty UT Relevance Logo

The following was submitted by an ASC College Forum reader:

Could we get some discussion about that cute graphic (attached) that
always accompanies announcements of Jacobs' upcoming throne speech?
What are all the dots? There are a bunch in Florida, one in Algeria,
a few in Central Europe, none in Canada. I'm mystified, but the
esteemed A&S faculty might have some creative ideas.


Anonymous said...

They're locations of UT alumni affiliates.

Anonymous said...

Sez the Prez:

"Relevance ... Future relevance implies sustainability ... I prefer to think of the way a kangaroo leaps and knows where she will land ... So what is the degree to which sustainability may become a theme for the entire University? ... To what degree should we focus our institutional intellect ... ?"

Anonymous said...

That makes sense. There's a number of chapters in Florida and some out west, I know. Las Vegas, Phoenix and some in California.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:14
First cows, then kangaroos?! I see you're sustaining a theme here.
Hmmm, I suppose the logo does fit ...

Anonymous said...

And why does this thing look like it was pulled out of some old, crappy Microsoft Office clipart gallery? Aren't our Marketing people paid some big bucks?

Anonymous said...

President’s speech, Page 6:

“Were Postmodern Kangaroo Sustainable to become our University’s new theme and focus, our political scientists in close collaboration with the Confucius Institute would develop expertise in analyzing Mao’s “Great Leap Forward.”

Our College of Law would become active in formulating and interpreting local and international law regarding the relevance of torts for kangaroo courts.

Our ethicists would be working on issues involving the harvesting of kangaroo stomachs in support of greener dairy and beef industries

— and so on.”

Anonymous said...

I know this post is about the logo, but what a stupid speech. The beginning reminded me of the George Costanza risk-management-book-on-tape Seinfeld episode: "In order to understand relevance, we must first define relevance. What makes it so relevant? ..."

Anonymous said...

I think layoff have become relevant this week after they spent all the money on that crazy, four-color glossy "The Relevant University" report. Talk about nonsense!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Lloyd Jacobs, you miserable old fatass. Now the weekend's ruined because my wife might find out Monday that she got laid off.

Anonymous said...

If there is a single dollar going into the UTIE (the old STIE, the older yet Science and Technology Corridor,also called a White Elephant,) in new budget with all of the layoffs, someone ought to sue the university leadership for misappropriation of funds!

Anonymous said...

According to channel 13, everyone already go their notices, no?

This is just so discouraging. Why do we always have to get these high-minded, over-paid yahoos who run around in a frenzie cutting this, adding that, changing this, kicking up a big cloud of smoke and dust, and when it is all over, they take their golden parchutes, leaving the big mess behind. They are like flocks of locusts that devour a field and when it is gone move on to the next farm. Meanwhile those with a real comittment, those who really do the work, those who add stability and sanity are left stunned. When will it ever end?

Also, there has been no cut from the state and enrollment is way up. I think they just want to have a big slush fund so that they can have even more BIG IDEAS that go under.

Anonymous said...

Dear Senior Faculty:

Just a friendly reminder from a lowly PSA employee with several decades of service to this institution. You have tenure. You have a union.

This might be harsh, but from my point of view, given those assets if you choose to do nothing to resist this administration than you are collaborators in the darkest sense of the word.

Thanks, Karl

Anonymous said...

To Karl, pathetic minion and troll for the Jacobs Gang that you are.

Your comments are no way harsh but merely inept because they render your mole-like subterfuge transparent.

Senior faculty in A&S College have earned their tenure and fought very hard for their union. Your transparently phony post seeks to diminish the spiritual significance of these two major accomplishments by reducing them in your sorry screed to “assets” (secular gains).

Your post implies that you yourself lack any worthwhile assets (spiritual or secular) with which to wage war against managerial injustices in your sector of the workplace. You even self-ascribe as being a “lowly” PSA employee! Well here’s a hug.

Few members of PSA loyal to the venerable traditions of our A&S College would denigrate themselves and their professions as you do here, meanwhile pointing the finger of blame for your predicament at your hard-working colleagues. You lack sense of shame.

When push comes to shove, as it will very soon, most PSA employees will unite with each other and with senior tenured faculty and others on campus to fight tooth and nail to preserve their professional dignity and self-esteem as well as their pay checks.

Your solipsism in response to the threats posed by the Mogul Jacobs and his tyrannical carpetbaggers on this campus is so utterly uncourageous that it only serves to exaggerate the fakery of your post.