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Friday, April 9, 2010

Owens students to interview presidential candidates

This article, on the search for the new President of Owens, was in yesterday's Toledo Blade, pp. 1-2 of the Second Section:

Semifinalist to lead Owens resigned post as V.P. in Arizona

Here's the link:

Notice especially the third paragraph from the bottom:

"After Monday's interviews, the three finalists will be interviewed by students and the public in town hall-style forums April 26-28, said Brad Meyer, college spokesman."

So Owens Community College is allowing its finalists to be interviewed by students and others directly affected by the choice! Gee, UT could take a lesson from that, eh?


Anonymous said...

Gee, could UT have a national search for a President instead of the BOT cronyism?

Anonymous said...

Jacobs interviews. He is far above being interviewed. Do we interrogate our Gods? Heretic!

Anonymous said...

Well, even if UT would, or could, interview Jacobs, it'd probably be held in a room too small for all but the Inner Circle, which would mean questions would have to be submitted by email and thus "prepared"--since no one could actually fit in the room and ask actual questions.