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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Provost Demonstrates "University of Future" Paradigm to UT BOT


oxygen breather said...

That board! That committee! For a group of supposedly sophisticated people they certainly seem naive beyond belief sometimes.

Has anyone thought to chemically analyze the atmosphere of the room in which they meet?
Jacobs and the Provost might be pumping it full of nitrous oxide and sewer gas.

Only this kind of heady mixture could explain the apparently charismatic effect these sad bureaucrats are having on the board members. Maybe some donors could be found to contribute self-contained breathing apparatus for board members. This would improve the quality of "Directions."

Anonymous said...

I hear tell that the so-called tenure interviews by Jacobs have begun--he is giving only 36-hour notice of this momentous event to assistant professors who have worked 6 years toward achieving tenure.

Too bad indeed that no one at the University ever got a chance to interview President Jacobs back when he was hired in that famous back room deal.

Physician interview thyself!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, as it is the case in our specific example, students are way smarter than provosts.
Look at what a student at University of Wisconsin is saying: "My extra credit is dependent on receiving and maintaining a remote control. Iclicks, more specifically. What happened to raising your hand? What happened to being able to answer out loud? Reliance on technology may be the reason people with doctorates resort to PowerPoint and point and click in order to manage their classes. I understand the application in rooms of over 200 students. However, if no one else has noticed, our school holds a 30-1 ratio."
For more about this, please read the article "Professors should not place great emphasis on technology"

Anonymous said...

A nice article related to the use of technology in classroom written by a student:

Anonymous said...

Is that gingerbread student face up or down? In either case, this is the only concept of student-centeredness that this administratively-centered university seems capable of producing.

High level administrators have been using students to pick up laundered shirts from the cleaners, so I have seen recently. What a great honor for the student! To carry the great man's laundry.

The sense of entitlement of the people who stuff these shirts is enormous.

The CAS Dean is in Florida, no doubt at UT expense. The story is that she is talking to alums to raise money. Did UT pay for her dog's transit , too?

Anonymous said...

Fund raising for the college is a major part of every dean's job everywhere in the country.

That's where scholarship endowments and endowed chairs come from - donors being asked to give.

Anonymous said...

yeah, right...

Will she be fundraising for the College of Arts and Sciences--or for her other sinecure at the College of Perpetual Energy?

This is a non performing Dean.