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Monday, March 29, 2010

President Jacobs Discusses Future of College of Arts and Sciences

"We will bury academic integrity!"


yo, duh! said...

A(nother) regime that ultimately failed ...

Anonymous said...

This is really an insult to Khrushchev.

Anonymous said...

It is recorded that Stalin, who was also the ultimate censor of the Soviet Union, confiscated for his own use a phonograph record of an American orchestra rendering a song where the melody was carried by a chorus of howling cats and dogs. This delighted him.

When Krushchev and other high members of the inner circle would meet at Stalin's apartment's to drink and discuss policy, Stalin would play this tune and make them all dance to it. He found this uproariously funny.

Stalin said of Krushchev, who could hold his liquor, that he danced like a cow on ice.

I wonder what Lloyd Jacobs' executive staff meetings are like? He certainly lines them up. But what is the tune? Ego Music?