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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

PowerPoint Phluff

The above image with text is excerpted from Edward Tuft's most excellent monograph, The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint and is offered to shed some light on the PowerPoint propensities of UT administrators whose Stalinist "informational sessions" perpetually obscure more than they reveal. As you will see when reading Mr. Tuft's text, he knows UT administrators better than they know themselves.  

Below, as a more timely example, please find a PowerPoint Slide from UT VP Scarborough's recent budget-thought-control presentations on the direction of the budget at UT.  Do you feel edified yet? 



Anonymous said...

Yes! Finally. Stalinist. Exactly the right word. In no way hyperbolic or extreme.

yo, duh! said...

On a different but related note, see

In my experience, the only laptop-users in my classes have not been using the laptops to take notes (I walk by and the laptop immediately closes--how stupid do they think we are?)--and then expect me to give them the same time and energy as I do the students who do the work, in grading the tests they're not prepared for, the papers that aren't worth looking at (or that I can find at, etc.