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Thursday, December 10, 2009

UT's A&S Students are the Best in the World

Our students are the best--and believe it when Bloggie says that they well understand what is going on, even with all these diversions and crazed denouncements that have been rocketing around the University this week.  You would think the denouncers are trying to establish a Gulag State around here instead of a top tier University.  Soon the denouncers will be having show trials for non-conformity with their party doctrine.

The following video is made by UT students and may put you in the appropriate frame of mind for the Holidays:



Anonymous said...

This is the most accurate video I have ever, I'm glad my fellow students made this. Just goes to show the administration what most of feel/think.

Anonymous said...

They probably were hoping for an A...I'm thinking it's closer to a V...for VIRAL!

Anonymous said...

This video is wondrous! Great work students!