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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Artist's Depiction of Brian Patrick Destroying UT's College of Arts and Sciences

In the interest of providing complete information to UT and its Arts and Sciences community, Bloggie has posted below the second installment of the fantastical and hateful claims of the anonymous emailer who has slandered professors as well as attributed to them some rather extraordinary powers--e.g, the ability to destroy the College. 

This post is merely "for the record," so that those of you who have not seen the anonymous email and merely heard of it indirectly can read and assess its meaning and pathology. 

Bloggie is not trained in psychology, but suggests a technical scientific term that may describe the mental condition of the anonymous emailer--to wit, the emailer is "Whacked Out."   If anyone reading this happens to hold qualifications in clinical psychology, Bloggie would be much obliged for a more authoritative diagnosis.     

Also, Bloggie suggests that it is time to return to matters of more substance, for the substance-less racism charge seems to be a diversionary tactic created and sustained by but a few, while meanwhile UT administration moves forward with its program of resource starvation, exploitation and enslavement the College of Arts and Sciences to its poorly informed business model.  It is apparent from the poll results, and from feedback from faculty and students, that few members of the UT community put any credence in the charges of the Whacked Out Anonymous Emailer.  An exception possibly seems to  the UT president who, in an insult to faculty and students, seemed to credence these crazed charges in a speech reported on the Dec 14 University News; but he has been noticeably out of touch with the College and real every day students since he arrived.  For even his town-hall meetings are essentially him surrounded by a retinue of fawning, paid administrators. 

Below is the cut and paste of the Whacked Out Anonymous Emailer.  If you want to read crazy, enter below at you own risk:

   Sane Ends Here


Crazy Starts Here 

 From:  _ _ [] Sent:  Thu 12/10/2009 12:49 AM
 To:  Adams, John TAddison, Treyken MichleBaker, Aaron AllenBaker, Shirley AnnBarlowe, JamieBarrett, John A.;Belkofer, DonnaBell, Karen A.Blochowski, Toni MBohn, Diane R.Bonitati, JulianneBurns, LawrenceCalzonetti, FrankChastang, MarkCooper, LauriCousino-Hoersten, LisaCutri, DavidDabney, DavidDemory, RobertDerhay, Tyna (Kristina)Early, Johnnie L - Dean, Univ of Toledo College of PharmacyEisel, DianeFlowers, Laurie S.Floyd, Barbara L.Gaboury, JohnGaspar, Tim Gold, JeffreyGrabel, KathyGray, Joanne MaryGulch, VirginiaGutteridge, ThomasHagen, ElizabethHaggett, Rosemary Hanna, WafaaHayes, Teresa LynnHutt, LynnHymore, DianeJames, Patricia A.Johnson, JenniferKankam, KwabenaKimmel, SanfordKing, ValKlinger, TobinKomuniecki, Patricia R.;Kroll, Vicki L.Kucera, KevinKwapich, CindyLaskey, Doris E.Lee, BrendaLehnert, CharlesLettman, Dennis S.;Lockwood, MattLogie, Bill (William) G.Manton, Sandra AnnMartin, Steven J.Martinez, Michele CatherineMc Bride, Joyce E.McClelland, NinaMcGinnis, RonaldMcMillen, WilliamMcSweeny, JohnMetting, PatriciaMonger, Barbara J.Moore, PamelaMowery, Patricia M.Naganathan, Nagi - Dean, Univ of Toledo College of EngineeringOberhauser, KathrynO'Brien, Michael EOlson, Walter W.Padilla, Patricia AnnPapadimos, Peter J.Patten Wallace, KayePiazza, Nick J.Poplin Gosetti, PennyRay, DouglasReynolds, JenniferRodriguez, BethanyRussell, NikkiScarborough, Scott ;Schaller, JanelleSchmoll, Beverly JSchorling, JoanSchroeder, MattSchultz, KathySheley, MicheleSimpson, Gail;Skeens, AliceSnyder, VernSoncrant, Cynthia K.Stachowiak, MariaStaunton, BarbaraStevens, MariaStrunk, JonathanThiessen, PennyTomlinson, NormaTraband, Margaret M.Trempe, JamesWaldock, Mary Jo SmithWay, Jacquelyn;Weaver, KrystalynWhitman, Sandra L.Wise, RachaelWolff, HarveyZbinden, Jane;;mgilbert@theblade.comOlivia K. Summonsaghaji@buckeye-express.comglasscityjungle@gmail.comNemeth, David J.Patrick, BrianJacobs, Lloyd
 Subject:  Re: More racist filth from the College of Arts and Sciences Council Blog
View As Web Page
I have been both disgusted and heartened by the response to David
 Nemeth's awful post. The comments and posts on the blog have
 been shocking:

"It is not state law that the University has to dredge the harbors to 
find students--you misunderstand. Yes, UT must admit students 
with high school diplomas. But this does not mean that we should 
forego recruiting good students and focus resources on them."


"And now the A&S Council has heard the president of the
 Student Body excoriate a fine professor for racist ideas. 
Her inability to tell the Council what she found so offensive 
in Prof. Nemeth's blog post made it seem as if his words were
 full-blown scatology!"

Attacking students. Classy.

But perhaps the most damning comment that was posted was 
in response to Ashley Pryor's wonderfully brave response seeking 
more input from Nemeth. (Watch out Ashley, you'll soon be accused 
of being a Benedict Arnold and administrative puppet. 
Courage is not something admired by those who post on the A & S 

The comment is from someone who claims to be a student who 
refers to the UT Guarantee as "21 URBAN cities sounds very much 
like we are trolling for underprivileged students to give handouts 
to. Not only that, the expanded version was announced on Martin 
Luther King day, like it's some sort of handout for African American 

Now Brian Patrick and those who run this blog find value and 
choose to publish a comment from someone EMPHASIZING that 
urban does mean minority, the very thing they'd spent several posts
trying to deny! And before they claim, "it's just free speech and 
others can post what they want... FALSE. I regularly post comments
 to the blog that are never 
approved because Brian Patrick and his cronies believe they don't 
have value or add to the conversation. Brian Patrick thinks I post 
just to attack his blog. (Which I do, it deserves to be attacked.) 
But what this proves is that Brian Patrick sees value in a comment 
that backs up my original claim that Nemeth's e-mail is code for 
attacking those students who attend urban school, which, 
by the by, happen to generally be majority-minority schools. The
fact that this ignorant student is approved to post on Brian Patrick's 
blog means that Brian Patrick and his cronies see value in the 
comment just as they saw value in Nemeth's original racist post.

But, for the sake of argument, (which I don't believe for one 
second in light of the blog's history of racism by Nemeth and 
Dr. Tinkle) let's assume Nemeth didn't mean to address race at all.
 If that is the case, (as your echo-chamber vote implies) then 
Pryor's response to Nemeth is just as damning at the absolute
lack of respect the Arts and Sciences "leadership" is showing to
 students. Whether that be references to "dredging the harbor" 
for students, insulting them outright as Nemeth was eager to do, 
or laughing and heckling the student body president when she call 
you out your refusal not just to act like leaders,but to act like adults,
 the blatant disrespect for those students you claim to be
fighting for is running rampant.

Brian Patrick is leading an effort that is destroying the college 
because he hates the president and the provost and the dean so much
 he is willing to tear down his college to make them look bad. Then,
 in his mind, when everything is in ruins, the board gets rid of the 
administration and we faculty will remain to rebuild 
our paradise lost.

I am so proud of Ashley Prior and I know there are many faculty 
out there who feel the same way she does and are going increasingly 
uncomfortable with the gleeful hostility casually flung about by
 "leaders" in the college.

I cannot believe a professor who expertise is supposedly in 
propaganda would be so stupid as to publish a comment from 
someone confirming all the stereotypeshe and his cronies had just
 spent three days trying to rebut.

I again call on David Nemeth to retract his hateful words. I again
 call on Lawrence Burns and Kevin West to address the growing 
racial hostility of this blog, as exemplified by the comment posted
 Dec. 9 at 6:10 PM to Ashley Pryor's blog and I again call for more 
in the College to stand up and publicly denounce this filth 
billowing from this blog.

I'm not trying to shut you down Patrick, but I want everyone 
to know the sort of filth you publish. You have every right to 
portray yourselves as racist bigots increasingly so angry at the 
world you'll attack anyone who questions your tactics.

Krystal Weaver, you are fighting the good fight. That's why 
these faculty "leaders" attack you.

 _____YOU ARE NOW LEAVING CRAZY ZONE________________


Welcome Back!


P.S. Apologies to the innocent parties mentioned in WOAEM's
email, but Bloggie wanted to present the document
as it was sent.


Grundoon said...

I love how this wack job seems to think that UT professors are the only ones who comment on here. the claim of attacking students seems much worse under that assumption. But unfortunately the internet is a weird thing that can be accessed the world over, therefore it was just someone voicing their disapproval of a woman throwing the race card with no evidence to support it. If you are going to make such serious accusations, especially in a professional meeting, to go in without evidence to support your claims is just plain silly, and to expect the university to be able to censor the internet is simply ridiculous.

Rickety Rocketeer said...

Recipe for crazy:
1. Label those with opposing views with a juicy hate noun. (racist)
2. Make your writing as parenthetical as possible. (like so.)
3. Insert your personal views when crazy (Which I do CUZ I'M crazy!)

Anonymous said...

I guess my frustration about this whole thing, which has been expressed by others, is the way this has sidetracked all conversations.

I certainly understand the comments above, but this person now diverts us twice: the first time with the e-mails themselves, and now as we push back against this person to defend ourselves, this person is still diverting us from the conversations that need to take place.

I understand the desire of Bloggie to provide an accurate account of what has happened these last weeks, but at some point, if these e-mails keep coming, I frankly don't see value in drawing attention to them because we end up doubly distracted.

Bloggie, I know you weighed these pros and cons and there is no right answer either way, but those are my vires.

Bloggie said...

Bloggie thinks you are dead right. We are moving on! Time to talk about this Roundtable that is being railroaded by this egoistic dean at the behest of her buddies in power. And other matters.

Anonymous said...

I am a current student, and I have seen how the incoming class is generally less likely to attend class, less likely to be prepared for college-level work, and less likely to be a good citizen in the class. I do not know whether or not this is due to the new admission policy, and I certainly do not see it dividing along racial lines. But something certainly has changed in the atmosphere in the classroom that seems tied somehow to admissions policy. For a teacher to identify this and say something about it seems to me to be merely an exercise in observation. Other upperclassman students have remarked upon it, and, I might add, other upperclassman students of various ethnicities.

I hate to see the geography professor demonized the way he has been. It is terribly unfair.

Anonymous said...

The Evil Emailer writes:

"I'm not trying to shut you down Patrick, but I want everyone to know the sort of filth you publish."

This blog is not Patrick's blog. I own it. It is a free speech board qua suggestion box. I suggest it is high time for you, Evil One, to take a long hike off a short pier.