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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

roundtable meeting

Hey folks: It would behoove you all to read the proposed "final" report of the roundtable. A & S chair Brian Patrick has circulated it via e-mail. Hopefully the good Dr. Tinkle can get the whole thing up on the blog. If you have not been a participant nor really cared what those folks were up to it is time to care. There are things in the report that affect all of us. The time to ignore what these "colleagues" are doing has passed. There are major changes proposed for general education and the way it is taught. They wish to teach all of us how to teach because we have obviously just not been doing it correctly. If students fail it is because we don't understand them. Once again, it will be our fault. I suppose I'll have to start doing wakeup calls and bed checks. E-mails asking, "Have you done your homework?" will be necessary. Integrative studies has become the new password. Read it; it's important.

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