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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Slander by Anonymous E-mail

Bloggie notes that the same person who anonymously attacked the blog and wrote poison e-pen letters on two previous occasions appears to have done it again, anonymously of course, all while denouncing the blog for its option of anonymity.   As before the modus operandi is to grasp on some ambiguous straw in some post or another and transmogrify it into virulent racism--all done by sending blanket emails to the world.   Interesting technique.  Who has this much time and virulent energy?

In any case, sorry, None, or whatever your name may be. Bloggie notes that just because you project your own interior tempests onto the conversations and remarks of others doesn't mean the outside world, or especially  the people having the discussions are racist, or that any of your slanders carry weight.  Denounce yourself next time, you will probably have more material to work with.  

In any case, please feel free to decry this Blog to the world.  It gains more readers that way. And Professor Nemeth and others have made valuable comments on the Roundtable and other matters.  Bloggie has even let you, None, comment on this blog even though you routinely attempt to silence others. Below is the email these comments are based upon, presented as evidence in a public sanity e-hearing.  Bloggie doesn't feel there is anything "latent" about this aspect of the author of the below work, who appears blatantly racist. It's ugly, but this is possibly true to its maker.  Here it is in its entirety:

More racist filth from the College of Arts and Sciences Council Blog

You knew they couldn't hold out forever. It has been remarkable how the blog’s anonymity has caused latent, subtle and insidious racist messages to bubble up through those posting on the UT Arts and Sciences Council Blog.

First was the racist photoshopped picture of Dr. Yueh Ting Lee outfitted as a stereotypical Asian male out of any offensive Kung Fu movie. Many on the blog tried to stand up for the racist image until some wiser heads prevailed. Blog poster Diogenes was one of those most adamant that the racist photo should stand.

Then, Sept 22 (see: poster Dr. Tinkle cleverly posted that UT’s admissions office was told they should “really recruit more Lucasville alum”. Dr. Tinkle was the shocked, SHOCKED! that referencing recruiting at a prison would be taken as racist when UT was in the midst of a big push to recruit strong students from urban school districts in the state. Dr. Brian Patrick also defended the article in its comments section below, writing as ASC Blog Facilitator.

That catches us up to Racist Post No. 3 on the Arts and Sciences Council Blog which occurred today. Surprisingly, this racist post was not anonymous, but was posted proudly by David Nemeth, (the same David Nemeth who strongly defended the racist Dr. Lee picture, though then he posted as “Diogenes”).

Nemeth posts “Hub of Mediocrity: Inviting the Playground into Our Classrooms” :

While I have no doubt Nemeth is an expert on mediocrity, I admit I am stunned at so offensive a post being so freely posted.

Nemeth is attacking the ongoing Roundtable strategic effort by the College (an admittedly “who-cares” effort to create a silly plan). However, Nemeth starts by attacking the students who are seeking an education at UT, blaming their poor quality for Nemeth’s college’s troubles.

Then, in a departure from all logic, Nemeth blames UT’s recent efforts to recruit high quality students from urban communities (The UT Guarantee) for “opening the floodgates”.

Says Nemeth, “The floodgates are already opening up: the discipline problems and anti-academic attitudes that have already trashed the academic aspirations of our urban public primary and secondary schools are apparently soon to be invited, accommodated and formally implemented into our own A&S College curriculum, scholarship, teaching/learning modalities, space and graduate studies.”

Nemeth calls enrolling students from these urban schools while trying to achieve top-tier status for the college “a huge internal contradiction.”

In the spirit of the intellectual heft found on this blog, Nemeth’s post is followed by comments of “Nemeth for Dean!”

David, I’m sorry you don’t like students from “urban public primary and secondary schools” in your class, but believe it or not, not all minority students (because that is what “urban” is code for, and everybody know it, David) have “discipline problems and anti-academic attitudes”.

The UT Guarantee is recruiting hundreds of students with an average GPA of almost 3.5. These are outstanding students, precisely what UT needs to succeed and racist attitudes like the one Nemeth offers today need to be condemned harshly, by many, many people.

1. By Arts and Sciences Council – The Council claims it doesn’t run the blog anymore, but A&S Council chair Brian Patrick remains a contributor. Leadership isn’t only getting to attack your bosses, Brian, it is also standing up to those colleagues who step way, way over the line.

2. Arts and Sciences Faculty – This Blog and A&S leadership are destroying the ability of Arts and Sciences Faculty to effect real change in the college. I have heard many faculty quietly, privately, decry the behavior of those on this blog and on council. But these statements are never made public. I know you are serious people doing serious work, but this vocal minority of colleagues like Nemeth are destroying your good name and your silence is interpreted as agreement. 

3. Kevin West and Larry Burns – These comments by Nemeth are hostile to minority students and all on campus who work so hard to ensure all first-year students – minority and otherwise – succeed. Blog posts like Nemeth’s promote hostility, not diversity and they need to be addressed immediately and publicly by your offices.

4. Kaye Patten Wallace - These are the students you represent that Nemeth is attacking...

5. Student Leadership - Students should be outraged. The Black and Latino Student Unions, Student Government... This is a professor attacking students based on stereotypical beliefs of how "urban" students act. Krystal and Rachel, you get to talk to the president once a week in those videos... demand he address this. You address it too, don't wait for him. This is the time for leadership.

6. Any and all who believe minorities have as much right to a UT education as anyone else.

7. Trustees, President, Provost, Dean

What is wrong with this University that people like Nemeth feel free to openly spout racist comments against OUR STUDENTS!? Guess what Dave, without our students, you don’t have a job!

This is Racist Post Number Three. No doubt there will be more, particularly if there are no consequences and no public shame when a UT professor openly requests, no more urban students pleas.

Will people please speak out? Send e-mails to Nemeth ( and demand he apologize. Send e-mails to Larry Burns ( and Kevin West ( and demand they address this issue. And please, please, please A & S Faculty, please don’t be swallowed by the venom of these offensive people posting offensive ideas in your name.


Professor Demeritus said...

I don't believe this crap! Thank God we're all still free to post our own thoughts unfettered from prior vetting by members of the Jacobs administration.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, but your post reveals more about your own lunacy than about what motivates Dr. Nemeth's critique of the Roundtable document. Your claim that "urban" is a well-known code word for minority people of color is ludicrous. Discipline problems that plague our city schools are color blind. I am a teacher and have experienced the decline of classroom decorum amidst increasing lack of student respect and self-discipline in the urban public schools. To be fair, if I am reborn in this World as a UT A&S College professor I will consider inviting student clickers, tweeters, cellphones and other recreational devices into my classroom. Just allow me my taser.

umbraged said...

I'm afraid I must agree with Bloggie that the only racist here is None, who--hiding behind the anonymity s/he denies others--reads what s/he wants into statements made by others. Nowhere, for example, does Dr. Nemeth equate "urban" with any particular race(s)--it is None who does that. Are there no urban WASP, or other, students who are academically unmotivated or undisciplined? I guess None is saying that all those white students are top quality and it’s only minority students who are the problem. Again, None is putting words they did not speak into the mouths of others to promote her/his own distorted thinking.

None claims this is Racist Post No. 3. I haven't counted to be sure which no. Racist Post this is, but None has written more posts than just 3. And in that None has chosen a written format to try to defame those on her/his list, s/he has crossed the border from slander to libel. It terrifies me that someone so clearly unbalanced and hypocritical may be teaching those students s/he claims she wants to succeed here. If anyone should apologize, it is None.

WTF said...

"Will people please speak out? Send e-mails to Nemeth ( and demand he apologize."
WTF? Professor Nemeth should not apologize because he didn't say anything offensive. Who wants to have unmotivated students in their classroom? I'm sure this anonymous poster doesn't either and he/she seems paranoid to me.

Linus said...

And now the A&S Council has heard the president of the Student Body excoriate a fine professor for racist ideas. Her inability to tell the Council what she found so offensive in Prof. Nemeth's blog post made it seem as if his words were full-blown scatology!

Crystal, did you really read and consider what Prof. Nemeth wrote, or are you content to parrot the inflammatory views of your managing administrator?
Do you remember who posted: "...throw [Lee] under the bus..."? Was that offensive? Was it racist? Have you read this article: ?

You seem convinced that all problems stem from a disgruntled faculty. Are you aware that at universities the administrators change frequently, as do students? A faculty indeed comes and goes, but it is really the only constant in education. Very few students are privileged to receive information and personal counsel from upper administration. The others work and consult with--and are mentored and advised by--those grumpy, contentious faculty.

Rickety Rocketeer said...

I am a student. I have some "urban" students in my group and we work well together. I would be glad if academic success was measured in something other than years spent at UT. It is most certainly not anyone's aim to single out "urban" students. However, the urban school districts have been falling to shambles and UT is attempting to provide the same framework for future failure. Shame on anyone that cries wolf about racism. This only sets progress back.
"(because that is what “urban” is code for, and everybody know it, David)" I didn't know it but thanks for being more cynical than I.

FRD said...

"...UT is attempting to provide a framework for future failure..."?

That's a ridiculous statement to make, Rickety. Are we seriously attacking the UT Guarantee AGAIN? It's an outstanding program precisely because it ends the cycle of hardship many urban families are unable to exit.

Do you have any facts to back this up?

Grundoon said...

Why should the standard of classes be lowered? Am I as a student not paying for these classes just as the urban students are? How come my money doesn't buy me the right to have classes that are up to my academic standards as opposed to classes that bend over to assist the urban students? I have nothing against giving people a chance, everyone should be allowed to have a quality education, and so I am wondering where can I get mine?

Rickety Rocketeer said...

I have just the fact that I attend these classes. Many students are here just because college is the thing to do. If you are a student just talk to your classmates. Many students are taking remedial classes. This shouldn't be necessary but if it is needed students shouldn't be taking major specific classes without basic skills.

Jack said...

FRD says UT Guarantee is "an outstanding program." Didn't it just start? We need to wait for the data! We shouldn't praise the program for its intentions alone.