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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Jobless Graduate Sues Her College for $70,000"

This happened in New York. Could it happen here at the University of Toledo? Potentially. In fact, this news item represents a growing nationwide trend that was inevitable once state higher education institutions began to adopt the business model for selling degrees in a competitive market and began centering and empowering its students as paying "customers." Read about the New York lawsuit here:

Think about the similar lawsuits that may emerge here if our present administration does not abandon this unsavory business model and remove the false impressions implied in its advertizing for students now paying for job-training. Our degrees are not in fact guaranteed or warranted "tickets to employment," and disgruntled degree-holders who discover this the hard way cannot be faulted for crying "fraud" and seeking to reclaim all or part of their investments.

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