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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

They Don't Care

With the publication of the bonuses, or whatever they're being called, it should now be obvious to all that this administration just does not care what most of us are doing as long as we don't cost them very much. There are favored programs and favored individuals. The rest of us are living in the middle ages. We are the peasants who come with the estate. Most of us are nothing more than interchangeable field hands who, quite frankly, don't count. They have used the cover of a financial crisis to rid themselves of people they did not like. They will do the same thing to programs and even colleges. There will be a medical school, and those related fields; there will be an engineering college and perhaps a business college. The rest of us are already well on our way to becoming nothing more than a community college.


Dr. Swifty said...

Given the administration's threat to "revisit" faculty's 3.5% increase in the new contract after the fact, I think we should call for all these bonuses and increases to be retracted, even though it is after the fact.

We should also resist the furloughs to be "taken" between semesters. Salary paid to faculty while the students are not on campus is salary for work that has already been done and amounts to theft of services.

yo, duh! said...

Between semesters--when we aren't teaching in class--is when we have time to do the work we can't get to during the regular semester. If they lie, they'll steal. We can't let them get away with it!