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Monday, August 17, 2009

all furlough one, one furlough all?

Here are a couple interesting news items from recent issues of the Toledo Blade:

BGSU furloughs in general--note that the President includes herself in these!

More specific information:

And on the UT front:
Who do "everybody" and "all university positions" really include?

Excerpts:President outlines four-part budget adjustment at town hall meeting
By Chris Ankney : August 10th, 2009

At a town hall meeting on Thursday, UT President Lloyd Jacobs outlined a four-part budget adjustment that would call for a spring semester tuition increase, a university-wide furlough program and some layoffs.

President Lloyd Jacobs answered a question about how UT will cope with an $8 million budget deficit during the town hall meeting on Health Science Campus last week. Larry Burns, vice president for external affairs and interim vice president for equity and diversity, moderated the event....

“The first one-quarter of that $8 million shortfall will be made up by the continued re-engineering and downsizing of the work force that unfortunately we’ve been experiencing for a year,” Jacobs said, adding it would be premature to guess at an exact number of layoffs.

The layoffs and downsizing of the work force will be balanced, Jacobs said, with a university-wide furlough program. The program, which will make up the second $2 million of the $8 million gap, is in the design phases, with details still being developed. But Jacobs said it will likely include every person in the institution on staggered days concentrated when students are not on campus.

“The balance between furloughs and layoffs is one that we have considered and debated,” Jacobs said. “Furloughs affect everyone … everybody is treated more or less the same. On the other hand, the analysis of the 7 and 15 percent scenarios that were discussed extensively during the original budget process suggest that there is still some room for work-force downsizing. Balancing those seems not only wise, but fair.”... You can watch the whole thing yourself here--if you can get it to come up!
Note that Scarborough says:

If the budget shortfall is not satisfied after exploring these contingencies, administrators will judge whether to reduce the number of full-time equivalent employees or raise undergraduate tuition.

“All university positions are on the table [for termination] at this point,” Scarborough said.

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