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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Round Table Report

Dear Friends: I'm turning this over to Dave Tucker who was present at the meeting.

I have a couple of quick observations. First we were told the President had been called to Columbus and would not be joining us. Second, the meeting consisted of A & S faculty only. There around twenty in attendence. Third, there seemed to be a level of exhaustion to the meeting. People seemed tired. Fourth, I believe there was a general concensus that the group, if it was going to succeed, was going to have to be more inclusive. Fifth, is the "where do we go now" question. It appears there will be some type of ad hoc committees formed. I suggested that whatever was done should be done through the A & S Council as it is the elected and representative body of the faculty.

In addition to these comments, I feel I must at least touch on the Benchmarking study. To say that the data are fuzzy, is a bit like saying New York City is large. It is not just a case of comparing apples to oranges, it is comparing apples to lug nuts. Attendees got what we were told was a complete study. I assume copies will be made available to chairs or placed on web sites.

I hope to digest the happenings in a better manner at a later date. Dave Tucker

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Anonymous said...

When will the Provost and President approve new deapartment hires? Are they intentionally causing the College to fail? Don't the students deserve to have professors treaching classes? Or will we send them all to Owens?