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Monday, April 27, 2009


Okay Folks let's discuss implementation of the Round Table points. But first, let's have an operational definition of the word. There are some issues over exactly what is being done by the groups at this Saturday's fun and games. If by implementation it is meant to actually make final decisions and "put those into effect" then this little gathering scares me to death. If by implementation it is meant to begin a rather lengthy discussion then I am all for it. For example, there is a curriculum committee. This committee is going to examine the college core and, I assume, how that core is presently delivered. There is likely to be blood on the sand during such a discussion. I cannot imagine implementing anything said Saturday by the end of May. But, just because I can't imagine it does not mean this administration can't imagine it. They are desperate for money. Please remember how quickly Higher Education Holdings became a part of our local jargon. So, if this is the beginning of a true and lengthy discussion about a core curriculum then let's do it; if all they want are larger classes taught over the web, then no. Zemsky says students don't care about quality. My answer is, "then we have to." We are the responsible adults in this process.


Watch Out said...

The Jacobs' ad-menace-stration seems to be shifting into high gear.

Anonymous 2.0 said...

I believe this roundtable nonsense to be a transparent attempt to create a new, unelected Arts & Sciences Council that can be used to justify anything that Jacobs tell the Provost to do.