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Sunday, April 19, 2009

More education in less time

Thanx and a tip o' the horn to Umbraged for this link. In case anyone didn't see this in the comments to a previous post, it's too good to miss.

If for some reason the video won't play, you can click this link:


Ohio University Alum said...

See, the problem is that this video represents what UT is now and has been for the last decade and a half...

Anonymous said...

Ohio Alum:

Yes, perhaps. But the Jacobs' vision is to make it worse by lowering standards and eliminating even the possibility of a good education. This is stewardship? Sounds to me like a passive, top-down social service delivery program of the sort that has lowered people while glamorizing administrators. The something for nothing dream realized--everyone gets a 50CC dose of education--this is the new modality!

Ohio University Alum said...

Please, I don't love the man but lowering standards is a made-up excuse for you guys to argue against. Colleges are raising their admissions standards. Eliminating the possibility of a good education? No possibility? Impossible? Maybe we need to hire some better philosophy professors to provide folks with the OU standard on logic and rhetoric.

And the fact that you accept my premise that UT is sub-par and your only fight is to have it not slide further is terrifying.

Anonymous said...

I agree the best way is to hire better professors--especially in philosophy. But I don't agree with your premise, I just said "perhaps" for the sake of argument. My interpretation of Jacobs is that he wishes to eliminate professors generally in Arts and Sciences humanities and social sciences, and "mechanize" this part of the curriculum in order to pass through more widget-students at less cost per widget.

My own take is aim for quality in departments, hire the best, have standards and enforce them. We should raise our standards. Someone at admissions told me the standard now for admissions is anyone with a pulse. But the UT focus is on retention. UT will keep bad students around for a few years, apparently, milking them for money. I like open admission, but with academic standards.

And what do you mean by "you guys?" I write my opinion. Whose opinion are you paid to write?