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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I'm back. Yes indeed Dr. Tinkle has now reclaimed his spot on the blog. Having watched yesterday's A & S meeting I have a few questions.

1. How come Ben Pryor gets to shout out questions and answers while the rest of the faculty have to raise their hands and be recognized?

2. How come the outgoing chair gets to decide the process for selecting people for the committees that will discuss the round table's five areas of concern?

3. How come all the benchmarking data is junk unless it somehow agrees with our own predispositions? I refer here to the retention data.

4. If we do "more with less" will we reap the rewards of the process or will those go elsewhere?

5. Will Tom Brady quit coming to A & S meetings if he gets named interim dean? Or, will he go back to quarterbacking the Patriots?

Inquiring minds want to know.


Astonished Observer said...

Yes, Dr. Tinkle!

I feel that Brady's comments were not only out of order, but seriously awry in thir content. How can he think that retention is somehow going to make UT a star university--unless he is thinking of a diploma mill. Not everyone should pass through. Work and its lack should be rewarded appropriately.

It was obvious that he thinks faculty is doing it all wrong--we need to graduate more students with less resources. So we just give them all A's? He seems to think this is a chemical manufacturing process we the College processes uniformly constituted raw material as input, and by adjusting the process, a uniform output results. Speed up the process. Is he stupid? Or merely naive? Or Smug? He say's he "has no horse in this race." Nonsense. He is obviously heavily invested in it emotionally and time wise, and I know not how else I don't buy his claim of disinterest, which seems disingenuous to say the least.

He seem to think a university is a widget factory. And maybe it was for him. But has he ever taught a class? Has he seen what we have seen? He seems to think himself smarter and more knowledgeable than all here.

Anonymous said...

Re Brady's comments.

He claimed to believe that words actually meant something. And then he gave us a bunch of words that to me meant that he sees UT, ideally, as a sort of cattle barn--where students are driven in and out after receiving a "UT brand" from faculty. Can someone post a picture of the Brady Educational model?

yo, duh! said...

Oh Lord, won't you buy me a new College Dean?

There's no one to turn to, the prospects are lean,

With Brady it's shady, you know what I mean.

Oh Lord, won't you buy me a new College Dean?

Ted said...


1. Because he is practicing to be the next A&S Dean.

2. Because he relishes his role as an oil spill over a restless backwater.

3. Because it is data only the Medical College urology and proctology units might find relevant and useful.

4. These rewards will increasingly transfer to EMU and BGSU with our disillusioned best students.

5. He will remain the obnoxious large fly on our wall, all abuzz about nothing, yet too almighty high to swat with the Blade (or Independent Collegian) newspapers. He is (or will soon be) committed.