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Sunday, December 18, 2011


Faculty Senate vs. Jacobs Inc.


Anonymous said...

You mean Jacob Inc. is the maelstrom in the pic, right? Because the Faculty Senate has no hope against it.
By the way, from today commencement, it was hilarious to hear Jacob talk about the fact that the American dream is well and alive... as George Carlin used to say "The owners of this country know the truth: It's called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it."
Good night and good luck, you gonna need it!

Anonymous said...

So, I guess we all heard Jacob singing his commencement lullaby, so get the dreaming started!

When the University Senate forms with Jacobs at the helm and the BOT clicking its heels, it will operate like McCarthy's goon squad, chasing out political enemies (like us) and rewarding those who go along. There will be those who discourage freedom of speech and assembly among employees (including faculty) -- it will be like Walmart and with genuine support from the Party of Constitutional Scholars(Boehner, Inc.).

I'd say, it's time to use Wikileaks and other domains to expose these power-hungry and greedy people. If Martha Stewart did time for "insider trading" you bet there is something in the U.S. Code for these people as well.

This is Christmas! The Salvation Army has got its bell ringers, honest hard-working people need their whistle blowers... Happy holidays, dream well, and keep your head above the water!

Anonymous said...

What's at stake here is this: Jacobs Inc. is determined to replace Faculty Senate with a University Senate presided over by President Jacobs himself.

This means that there will be no way for campus faculty to resort to a vote of no confidence to put the brakes on any future gross mismanagement demonstrated or proposed by Jacobs Inc.

Perhaps you think "So what: a vote of no confidence in Faculty Senate was not enough to save Arts and Sciences College." Believe me, had faculty senators possessed the grit to raise the question and take the vote two years ago, we would still have an Arts and Sciences College.

Furthermore, it is the vote of no confidence by show of hands that reveals which senators have backbone to challenge Jacobs Inc. and which senators are wimps without and unworthy to represent faculty interests.

Anonymous said...

When the University "Senate" (or Mob) takes over, Jacobs will be the Godfather, Gold (+ 8 lines showing his job descriptions) will be the God Uncle, and the BOT Maffia will rule UT.

So, the question is: To which Gulag will they send their political enemies such as dissident faculty: it will be the "Gulag of Unemployment" or "Gulag of Professional/Intellectual Death" or something similar -- a system mis/managed by their political friends in state and US Congresses.