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Sunday, December 11, 2011

What happened to "EARN a college education"?


Anonymous said...

"earn" an education implies that faculty is to be respected for their knowledge.

"Win" and education is where the prostitution of faculty is possible. The future of eduction is in the hands of administrators and their "rent-a-professors."

Maybe the next scheme is: EDU-LOTTO! Get the right answer on the scantron and win an AS, BS, MS, or even a PhD.

How about winning a career???

Anonymous said...

What happened to A COLLEGE EDUCATION???

Brute said...

The same thing happened to "earn a college education" as happened to the University of Toledo Arts and Sciences College.

Anonymous said...

Jacobs Inc. perceives that the world mainly wants a higher education product that comes like cheap wines bottled in recycled glass with screw caps. That is not a vision of excellence that serves our students in a responsible way.

The University of Toledo has no obligation to produce, brand and market its own version of Boone's Farm. Let's choose to craft instead an array of quality degrees that, like fine wines, will earn us widespread respect and applause over the course of a decade of enlightened efforts.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to our most recent UT graduates who have earned their college degrees: they've studied hard and deserve recognition for their work. At yesterday's commencement, Mayor Bell reminded them that their future success depends on how they treat other people. (See the blade article at In his estimation, kindess leads to success. I couldn't agree more.

Too bad he didn't learn that lesson himself.