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Monday, March 21, 2011

Union Rally

Congratulations to all those who showed up for the union rally. It is too bad that only one BOT member actually showed up and spoke. The rest avoided coming out and explaining to their employees what on God's green earth is going on here. This great economic engine of northwest Ohio seems intent on outsourcing decent paying jobs while giving themselves bonuses. They seem intent on outsourcing the faculty as well. They'll just put it all on the computer and then they won't need all those nasty union faculty. If they work this right all they'll need will be 2500 vice presidents and a bunch of computer stations in the library where they used to have books. I am willing to bet lunch on two things: first, the budget will have increased over what it is today and, two, the education won't be worth a dime.


Anonymous said...

I think 2501 VPs should just about do it...or, we can just replace all the books with administrators. At least then information can be better controlled, right? But hey, rest assured that in order to speak to the top dog, we have have to wade through countless lower tier admins unwilling to give us the necessary info. At least we'll be safe in the new motion controlled lighting in the east garage while the pavement leading to Centennial Mall crunches beneath our tires.

Here's the problem. It's not admins or faculty. It's the students. The fatal mistake of this institution is that its being run like a corporation (isn't this a public university?), and as such, it is only a matter of time before students start becoming customers. You want to expedite the process? Empower students. Let them know their rights, and make sure they understand them. If UT wants to run its affairs as a business over education institution, then perhaps its time for students to treat it the same. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't spend $40,000 dollars on a KIA, but yet, students are expected to do just that.

which means...
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Or we can all just write about our displeasure and annoyance and 'hope' that all our problems are solved. Or we can give those disadvantaged the knowledge to utilize the power they thought they never had.

Long story short, if UT want to be a business, then its time we treated it as such.

Anonymous said...

Hire on all the administrators they want! Only: Make them all part-time! Part-time salaries, no benefits, part-time treatment, job insecurity, etc. That should save UT a ton! (I cannot claim this as my idea--from a non-UT friend who thinks as little of Jacobs et al as many of us do. It was too good a thought not to pass on.)

Cal Muny said...

I have a different thought. If Jacobs Inc. wants to sell a product (a college degree) and market it as "a ticket to a job" then any student with this "ticket" who does not get a job should call the Better Business Bureau and then call a lawyer and file a lawsuit for fraud. The product (degree)should be accompanied by a written guarantee (or a warantee) that it will perform as advertised.

The alternative to the corporatization of our public university is to sack Jacobs Inc. and the Board of Trustees that dreamed him up so UT can return to providing a quality education that enriches the mind and protects basic American rights and responsibilities like perpetuating First Amendment freedoms and a popular democracy.

End the protofacism and the fraud now. Sack the greedy at the controls of UT. Demand a quality university education for its own sake instead of being forced into buying some bogus Ticket to Telluride.

some guy said...

I feel sort of embarrassed for UT News that they chose to cover the rally. It's like they're inviting us to point and laugh at the contortions they had to make to spin it as administration-neutral.

Phillip Seudo said...

Cal. You are not the first to have thought of this. Read here:

and here:

Jacobs Inc. better think twice about the road to the UT Charter University they are dragging us down and the Land of Litigation that is just over the hill and around the corner.

Anonymous said...

That's basically what I was trying to say. Kudos for your clear and concise explanation of product warranty, marketing, and false advertisement.

Maybe "Jacobs, INC" (is that a real company, I'm about to look it up) should take notes.

Anonymous said...

Now hold up! already exists and looks like a nice company - you really shouldn't lump them in with the cluster that has become UT administration.

...from their site:
"We proudly design more than 50% of the septic systems in Clallam County. "

Here at UT, we love us some outside consultants ... wonder if they do road trips?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:35: Thanks for your post! I thought you were joking, but this is for real! And how appropriate: septic systems!