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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Save UT" / "Shame on U" Rally!

"We are being buried
beneath the avalanche of your inadequacies!"
Time and Location:
Centennial Mall, Steps of the Student Union
Monday, March 21, "Noon till One"
(and then some?)
Feel free to "cut out and wear" this funky
"'V' for Vendetta" mask if you are shy --
or just to enliven and enhance
your surreal rally experience!
Bring your Facebook friends!
Bring drums to bang!
Cymbals to clang!
& Horns to
blaze away!


Anonymous said...

I won't be there for fear of retribution. I'm sure someone will be there with a camera to record who gets targeted for layoffs when union protections are lifted by the state. Very sad, and getting sadder, this whole situation.

an old union guy said...

Well, look at that! A chance for us all to make some noise. But I do wonder about scheduling it on a Monday -- my experience is that campus activists can draw a bigger crowd later in the week.

Anonymous said...

"I won't be there for fear of retribution."
Nice try Larry.

Anonymous said...

There's more on the way . . .

Anonymous said...

This is interesting!

Anonymous said...

I won't let them see me in the light

Anonymous said...

A CEO, A Teabagger & A Union Member

A CEO, a union member, and a tea bagger are in a room together.

A table stands in the center of the room.

On it are 10 chocolate chip cookies.

The CEO takes 9 of them and looks at the tea bagger and
says. "Watch it, That union guy wants your cookie".

yo, duh! said...

Here you can see the State pf the State address last night--and the Democratic response. Among many other interesting things. WGTE brings this channel on 30.3 during the night. WBGU carries it sometimes, too.

Anonymous said...

""According to some estimates we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions," Rumsfeld admitted." (see So if they instead invested those money in gold and silver by now we would have like a $10 trillion dollars which could be used to cover all the budget shortfalls of all the States of the Union, plus also a substantial part of the federal budget.
Maybe President Jacobs and other higher up administrators should look also at THESE inefficiencies, dont'ya think? When you go to study in an MBA they teach to look at the big picture (where to obtain a substantial improvement), not at tiny details.
Good night and good luck!

Anonymous said...

This is what class warfare looks like:

Anonymous said...

This was noted by Margaret Soltan at her blog, University Diaries. It's a quote from William Bowen, former president at Princeton. I couldn't help but think of Jacobs and Gold as I read:

"I’m not a fan of huge salaries for presidents of academic institutions. These are hard jobs. But people don’t really do them for the money. What kind of message do you really want to convey concerning the nature of the institution and its leadership? I always thought that it was important to convey a message of we’re all in this together. If you as president earn so much more than everyone else, it’s hard to argue that we’re all in this together."

Soltan refers to this notion as "old fashioned," which it is, thanks to administrators cut from the cloth that provided ours.

Yr humble and obt

John Dickinson.

Anonymous said...

It seems that there exits a class of people in this country to whom the only thing that matters is money. The ironic thing is whether it is a conservative congress, an overbearing and arrogant governor, or a university president, they think that by continually cutting people, salaries, benefits, services, etc...that they are somehow "creating." This kind of bottom line thinking, at least with respect to those under you, is not what made America a great country. It is like cutting off limbs and ripping organs out of body and starving it with the idea that it will somehow "grow." Good luck, what will UT be like when there is one president, 20 vice-presidents, 2 faculty, one secretary and 40,000 students?

Anonymous said...

Seems like when I see Jake in the news he is always sitting on a big chair to speak. Would someone please buy him a nice big jewel encrusted gilded throne? Maybe he will be happy then?

Anonymous said...

So since the Gov is going to follow Petro in allowing Charter Universities, who thinks this will be the newest bandwagon Jake will jump on? Always willing to try the newest thing....

Anonymous said...

Might be --but bc. of the hospital --won't work out financially. However, that does not preclude other privitization efforts.

Think its time to start a ZeitgeistOhio chapter...