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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Senate Bill 5

Senate Bill 5 has now passed the Ohio Senate and moves on the House. Basing its language on the Yeshiva Decision it states:

"any faculty who, individually or through a faculty senate, or like organization, participate in the governance of the institution, are involved in personnel decisions, selection or review of administrators, planning and use of physical resources, budget preparation, and determination of educational policies related to admissions, curriculum, subject matter, and methods of instruction and research, are managment level employees."

We have all just been promoted to management. There is a requirement that we do service here at the university. Our participation in personnel decisions even at the department level makes us managment. Our involvement in curriculum makes us management. What the legislature has done is give us a Hobson's choice. We can remain in the union and do nothing toward service, have no control over our curriculum, and not serve on any committees at all or leave the union, watch it get decertified and have no bargaining power whatsoever. Needless to say we have a university president who thinks the bill is just dandy. For those of us who remember the years in which we received no raises, this represents an awful choice. We did not create the problems of this institution. We have little to no control over how the money is spent either here or at the state level. We have been become the fall guys and gals for the failures of our university president, the state legislature and the governor.


Anonymous said...

Within weeks of the new year in Wisconsin and Ohio there is villification of public employees and a push to detroy their unions. This week a big push in Ohio and Wisconsin to privative public universities. Why do I feel that this is not a coincidence and that we are being manipulated by the same conspirators?

Anonymous said...

Since we have been upgraded to "manager," we should be getting a lot more pay, a lot more perks, a whole lot more respect, and no evening or weekend work without compensation (financial or time off).

yo, duh! said...

So what is our next step? Do we start contacting our state Representatives? I'm asking this in all seriousness. We have to take some kind of action!

Anonymous said...

"UT President Lloyd Jacobs said BP (British Petroleum) is a great community partner."
Simply speechless!

Anonymous said...

Dear Yoda,
If you have not contacted your State House Rep, there is time to do so.

My Representative is Teresa Fedor (Phone: (614) 644-6017, Fax: (614) 719-6947) and she may be yours too. She is very accessible and supportive of our causes.

Others from our area include

Michael Ashford (Phone: (614) 466-1401, Fax: (614) 719-6948),

Matt Szollosi (Phone: (614) 466-1418, Fax: (614) 719-6949) , and

Barbara Sears (Phone: (614) 466-1731, Fax: (614) 719-6946).

Anonymous said...

Do we now get bonuses, too?

Is that what this is all about--equity? Our leaders are having a benign moment?


Anonymous said...

Rep. Gardner may well be a voice of reason in this debate. Although on the Republican side he is trying to modify this bill. Although a Rep from Wood County he is someone who may well consider the implications of the law as written. Please write or call!!

yo, duh! said...

Anon 5:36--Thanks for the information--and encouragement! I have just contacted my rep--Gardner--am glad to hear something positive about him in this regard.

By the way: At

you can find out who your rep is by zip code.

Anonymous said...

I agree we (AAUP and organized labor in general) should push back hard against SB5. Since everyone everywhere is discussing the issue and outcome is still in flux, I propose we should advantage this opportunity to fight to include part-time faculty and graduate-student employees in our collective bargaining unit. What we need is strength of numbers right now. Let's focus on saving our collective bargaining rights and allowing others to enjoy them as the urgent issue at hand. Solidarity between unionized and non-unionized faculty can be achieved. Otherwise we all go down together, crushed under the heels of the fat cats.

Anonymous said...

"include part-time faculty and graduate-student employees in our collective bargaining unit" -- yes! Surely some of the faculty who read this blog advise grad employees who would be excited to lead an organizing drive.

Anonymous said...

The idea of including part-time instructors and graduate students in a union is long over-due. The time has come. Since we can't trust our upper-level administrators and our legislators and especially our governor to do the right thing, we have to stand together and support each other.

Bloggie said...

I want to join the big shot union.

I would like to get big bonuses for abstracted dithering about education of the sort regularly made by our university president and lackeys.

What's the going rate? He must be making about $10,000 per dither--at least.

Nice work if you can get it!